Dead Reckoning (1947)

John Cromwell

Screenplay by Oliver H.P. Garrett and Steve Fisher, adapted by Allen Rivkin, from the unpublished story by Gerald Adams and Sydney Biddell

Humphrey Bogart (Rip Murdock)
Lizabeth Scott (Coral Chandler)
Morris Carnovsky (Martinelli)
Charles Cane (Lt. Kincaid)
William Prince (Johnny Drake)
Marvin Miller (Krause)

Rip on the lam
A movie poster
Rip and Coral put a gun to Kincaid
Coral sings at the nightclub
Coral tells Rip she loves him
Coral and Rip take a chance.

RIP (about CORAL)
Maybe she was alright, and maybe Christmas comes in July. But I didn't believe it.

RIP (about CORAL again!)
I didn't want any part of her, but I kept smelling that jasmine in her hair, and I wanted her in my arms. Yeah... I knew I was walking into something.

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