Double Indemnity (1944)

Billy Wilder

Screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder, adapted from the novel by James M. Cain

Fred MacMurray (Walter Neff)
Barbara Stanwyck (Phyllis Dietrichson)
Edward G. Robinson (Barton Keyes)
Jean Heather (Lola Dietrichson)
Tom Powers (Mr. Dietrichson)

Phyllis tells Walter about her husband
Walter is hard at work; Keyes eavesdrops
Phyllis helps Walter
Phyllis helps Walter board the train
Phyllis and Walter at the train tracks
From another angle--Phyllis and Walter at the train tracks
Walter and Phyllis with the getaway car
Walter and Keyes
Phyllis faces off against Norton, Keyes and Walter
Walter conceals Phyllis
From another angle--Walter conceals Phyllis from Keyes
Phyllis and Walter talk secretly
Phyllis and friend
Walter and Phyllis
Keyes and Walter at the office
Keyes finds Walter
The original ending that was edited from the final version of the film

There's a speed limit in this state Mr. Neff. 45 mph.

How fast was I going officer?

I'd say around 90.

Suppose you get down off your motorcycle and give me a ticket?

Suppose I let you off with a warning this time?

Suppose it doesn't take?

Suppose I have to whack you over the knuckles?

Suppose I burst out crying and rest my head on your shoulder.

Suppose you try putting it on my husband's shoulder?

That tears it.

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