Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

John M. Stahl

Screenplay by Jo Swerling; adapted from the novel by Ben Ames Williams

Gene Tierney (Ellen Berent)
Cornel Wilde (Richard Harland)
Jeanne Crain (Ruth Berent)
Vincent Price (Russell Quinton)
Mary Philips (Mrs. Berent)
Ray Collins (Glen Robie)
Gene Lockhart (Dr. Saunders)
Reed Hadley (Dr. Mason)
Darryl Hickman (Danny Harland)
Chill Wills (Leick Thorne)

Richard and Ruth talk about Ellen
Ellen cozies up to Richard
Ellen on the lake
Ruth advises Ellen that the best way to keep a man is to get pregnant
Ellen gets unpregnant
Quinton cross-examines Richard

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