Out of the Past (1947)

Jacques Tourneur

Screenplay by Geoffrey Homes; adapted from his novel "Build My Gallows High"

Robert Mitchum (Jeff Bailey)
Jane Greer (Kathie Moffat)
Kirk Douglas (Whit Sterling)
Rhonda Fleming (Meta Carson)
Richard Webb (Jim)
Steve Brodie (Fisher)
Virginia Houston (Ann Miller)
Paul Valentine (Joe)
Dickie Moore (the Kid)
Ken Niles (Eels)

Jeff and Ann redefine fishing
Whit hires Jeff to find Kathie
Jeff confesses to Ann
Jeff finds Kathie in Mexico
Jeff is drawn to Kathie
Jeff and Kathie at the beach--it's a publicity shot since they appeared there in the film at night
Whit and Joe close in on Jeff
Fisher's about to learn that three's a crowd
Jeff models fashion do's for detectives
Kathie speaks to the Kid With No Name as Joe watches
Whit takes a nap
Kathie and Jeff together at last
Jeff lies down on the job
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