Phantom Lady (1944)

Robert Siodmak

Screenplay by Bernard C. Schoenfeld; adapted from the novel by William Irish aka Cornel Woolrich

Franchot Tone (Jack Marlowe)
Ella Raines (Carol Richmond)
Alan Curtis (Scott Henderson)
Thomas Gomez (Inspector Burgess)
Fay Helm (Ann Terry)
Elisha Cook Jr. (Cliff)

Scott is surrounded and interrogated by the cops
Swift (in)justice: Carol visits Scott in prison
Another shot of Carol and Scott in prison
Yes bartender, that is an evil eye
Carol and Inspector Burgess discuss Scott's case
Cliff takes Carol to a jazz club
Cliff takes Carol home
Cliff and Marlowe
Carol visits Scott in prison again
Marlowe and Carol on the phantom lady's trail
Carol and the phantom hat

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