Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

Anatole Litvak

Screenplay by Lucille Fletcher; adapted from her radio play

Barbara Stanwyck (Leona Stevenson)
Burt Lancaster (Henry Stevenson)
Ann Richards (Sally Hunt Lord)
Wendell Corey (Dr. Alexander)
Harold Vermilyea (Waldo Evans)
Ed Begley (James Cotterell)
Leif Erickson (Fred Lord)
William Conrad (Morano)
John Bromfield (Joe (Detective))
Jimmy Hunt (Peter Lord)
Dorothy Neumann (Miss Jennings)
Paul Fierro (Harpootlian)

Leona overhears a murder being planned
Leona reacts
Henry tries to evade arrest by being on the phone

In the tangled networks of a great city, the telephone is the unseen link between a million lives...
It is the servant of our common needs--the confidante of our inmost secrets…...
Life and happiness wait upon its ring...and horror...and loneliness...and death!!!

HENRY (to the maid)
I'd like to have Mrs. Stevenson's bag.
(Marie looks at Leona for direction)
It's alright, Marie.
(Marie leaves)
(to Henry) How much do you want?
How much do I...? I'm sorry to disappoint you dear, but it isn't what you think. It's simply that I wrote Ferguson's phone number in your notebook last night.


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