Mini-summary of Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Death of B-Movie Writer + Former Hollywood Legend = A Juicy Scandal
Hollywood, CA. The body of B-movie screenwriter Joe Gillis was discovered this morning in the swimming pool at the home of one-time Hollywood screen legend, Norma Desmond. Gillis had been shot three times before apparently falling into the pool.

An unimpeachable source extremely close to the investigation revealed that Gillis and Desmond had met by chance in her home on Sunset Boulevard six months ago. Desmond had hired Gillis to edit a script she had written for her comeback to the movies, but Gillis eventually worked his way up (or down?) to become Desmond's companion.

"The poor dope," said our source. "He always wanted a pool. Well in the end he got himself a pool. Only the price turned out to be a little high."

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