The Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

Alexander MacKendrick

Screenplay by Clifford Odets, adapted by Ernest Lehmann, based on the short story "Tell Me About It Tomorrow" by Ernest Lehmann

Burt Lancaster (J.J. Hunsecker)
Tony Curtis (Sydney Falco)
Susan Harrison (Susie)
Martin Milner (Steve Dallas)
Sam Levene (Frank D'Angelo)
Barbara Nichols (Rita)
Jeff Donnell (Sally)
Joe Frisco (Herbie Temple)
Emile Meyer (Harry Kello)
Edith Atwater (Mary)
The Chico Hamilton Quartet (as themselves)

Sydney learns the new cost of making a local call is fifty cents.
"Yes, I am interested in long-distance savings."
Kids, can you spot the six differences between this photo and the one on the left?
Susie and Steve react to JJ.
JJ adjusts Sydney's posture.
Sydney and JJ.
The movie poster.

My experience I can give you in a nutshell and I didn't dream it in a dream either. Dog eat dog. In brief, from now on the best of everything is good enough for me.
Sidney, I'm not trying to tell you what to do. It's just that it makes me feel bad when Mr. Hunsecker hurts you.
Every dog will have his day.

Could I come in for a minute?
No. You're dead, son. Get yourself buried.

Mr. Falco, let it be said at once, is a man of 40 faces, not one, none too pretty and all deceptive.

(about his friend the senator)
My big toe would make a better president.

Why don't you stop this business with the two dollar bets?
It's compensation, Leo. For the marginal life we lead.

That's what my beef with Leo Bartha was about. Leo, I says, J.J. froze me out. So I'm eating humble pie this month. Please, please print me an item.
And instead he printed his heel on your face, huh?
You're full of human feelings.
Turn the record over, Sidney. Like most of the human race, I'm bored. I'd go a mile for a chuckle.

You're a real rascal, Sidney. You're an amusing boy but you haven't got a drop of respect in you for anything alive. You're so immersed in a theology of making a fast buck.

What does this boy got that Susie likes?
Integrity. Acute. Like indigestion.
What does this mean, integrity?

(to Sidney)
I'd hate to take a bite out of you. You're a cookie full of arsenic.

Do you think this is a personal thing with me? Are you telling me I think of this in terms of personal pique? Don't you see that today that boy wiped his feet on the choice on the predilections of 60 million men and women in the greatest country in the world? If you had any morals yourself you'd understand the immorality of who that boy stabbed today. It wasn't me he criticised. It was my readers.

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