WA0RJY Ham Radio Shack

[ Picture of WA0RJY Shack ]

You have entered one of the messiest rooms imaginable. Ham radio equipment along with a bunch of unidentifiable computer periferals are piled on a desk. Unidentified cables run everywhere. A general introduction to Ham Radio sits on the table along with a flashy brochure explaining Ham Radio. There is also a list of information sites for a variety of ham radio clubs.

From the look of this place you can see that I'm a ham radio operator (call sign WA0RJY) and am especially interested in DXing (long distance communication around the world) and contesting. On the desk you see a folder filled with information on the latest DXpeditions to rare locations around the world plus information on the famous IOTA Award. An old filing cabinet in the corner is stuffed with back issues of DX bulletins.

On the wall is a whiteboard with a listing of upcoming contests and contest DXpeditions to foreign destinations all listed.

Propagation reports, also are stuffed into a folder.

There is a copy of a newsletter called the Totem Tabloid trampled on the floor. It's about a club called the Western Washington DX Club.

[WA0RJY operating in Morocco as 
CN2JF]On the table you see a QSL card from a recent trip to Morocco. These cards are sent out to other hams to verify contacts.

A soldering iron is slowly burning its way through some sort of Quarter Century Appliance Operators certificate.

A brand new calling card with a chess knight in the center and a phrase, "Have key - will travel" written across the bottom lies on the desk. It introduces the Paladin Contest Club.