Gary's Corner - Bio

Gary Adornato - Born in Brooklyn, New York some 45 years ago, Gary cut his teeth as a rabid fan of the great NY Knick teams of the late '60s and early '70s. As a player, he could charitably be described as feisty, and tasted his one brief moment of glory playing for Fordham University in an apparent case of mistaken identity. Listening to the immortal words - Those that can't do, teach - Gary embarked on a 20 year journey coaching young people in the City Game's nuances.

Gary's arrival in Dallas in 1989 neatly coincided with the decline and fall of the first Maverick empire. Cause and effect? Many agree... but Gary perservered, and when the team began its rise to excellence, he was able to fool some into thinking that he should write about it. Last season, Gary covered the Mavericks extensively for, authoring over 300 pieces and generally making a pest of himself at the Landry center; made bold by this, Gary actually snuck on to the radio, posing as a basketball analyst on FoxSports and ESPN radio.

In his guise as journalist, Gary frequently stole information and ideas from the wonderful Patricia, both in person and from her website. Exposed and caught, it is his pleasure to do penance by adding his own commentary on what promises to be a spectacular Maverick campaign. Comments, praise and threats of physical violence should be directed to, or you can attack him in real time on the Lone Mavs Fan Forum - a meeting place for hoops minds great and small.