2002-2003 Mavs Transactions

4/13 The NBA fined Raja Bell $7,500 for verbally abusing a ref
     following his ejection in Sunday's game 4 at Sacramento.
4/13 The NBA fined Dirk Nowitzki $5,000 for improper conduct when
     he kicked a pile of towels and scattered them into the first 
     couple of baseline rows during Sunday's game 4 at Sacramento.
4/17 Dallas announced their playoff roster.  The players on the 
     roster are: Michael Finley, Adrian Griffin, Tariq Abdul-Wahad,
     Raja Bell, Steve Nash, Eduardo Najera, Nick Van Exel, Dirk 
     Nowitzki, Evan Eschmeyer, Walt Williams, Shawn Bradley, and 
     Raef LaFrentz.  Avery Johnson, Popeye Jones, and Antoine 
     Rigaueau were left off the playoff roster.
4/14 Dallas activated Michael Finley and placed Popeye Jones on IR
     with a sprained right ankle.
4/12 Dallas activated Walt Williams and placed Evan Eschmeyer on IR
     with a sore right knee.
4/3 Dallas activated Popeye Jones and placed Michael Finley on IR
    with a strained left hamstring.
3/30 Dallas activated Evan Eschmeyer and placed Walt Williams on IR
     with a strained left hamstring.
3/22 Dallas activated Avery Johnson and placed Popeye Jones on IR
     with a sprained right ankle.
3/13 Dallas activated Tariq Abdul-Wahad and placed Avery Johnson on
     IR with a strained right calf.
3/8 Dallas activated Popeye Jones and placed Evan Eschmeyer on IR
    with swelling in his right knee.
3/1 Dallas activated Adrian Grffin and placed Antoine Rigaudeau on
    IR with back spasms.
2/26 The NBA suspended Eduardo Najera for 1 game for contact with a
     ref during Tuesday's Dal-Orl game.
2/24 The NBA fined Nick Van Exel $20,000 for verbally abusing the
     refs following Sunday's Dal-Was game.
2/20 Dallas activated Avery Johnson and placed Adrian Griffin on IR
     with right knee tendinitis.
2/11 Dallas activated Eduardo Najera and Evan Eschmeyer and placed
     Popeye Jones (sprained right ankle) and Avery Johnson (right 
     calf strain) on IR.
1/17 Dallas signed Antoine Rigaudeau to a 3 year, $1,986,000
     contract.  The 3rd year is at Dallas' option.
1/7 Dallas released Adam Harrington.
12/10 Dallas activated Adam Harrington and placed Eduardo Najera 
      on IR with left knee surgery.
11/30 Dallas activated Nick Van Exel and Raef LaFrentz and placed
      Evan Eschmeyer (arthroscopic surgery right knee) and Adam 
      Harrington (sprained left knee) on IR.
11/29 Dallas released Mark Strickland.
11/16 Dallas signed Mark Strickland to a 1 year, minimum contract.
      The Mavs used their roster exemption to sign Strickland.  
      The team will have to get back to a 15-man roster in 2 weeks.
11/13 Mavs scout Hal Wissel was named as an assistant coach for
      Memphis under new head coach Hubie Brown.
11/11 Dallas activated Adam Harrington and placed Nick Van Exel on
      IR for arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.
11/9 Dallas activated Popeye Jones and placed Raef LaFrentz on IR
     with a sprained right ankle.
10/28 Dallas placed Tariq Abdul-Wahad (left knee chondromalacia), 
      Adam Harrington (left knee tendinitis), and Popeye Jones (back 
      spasms) on IR.
10/25 Dallas released Derek Hood.
10/18 The NBA fined Dallas $150,000 and suspended Don Nelson and Donn
      Nelson for the first 2 games of the regular season for contact 
      with players who were ineligible for the NBA draft.  The Nelsons
      attended private workouts in Yugoslavia in June.
10/17 Dallas signed Walt Willaims to a 1 year, minimum contract.
10/16 Dallas announced did not match the LA Clippers' 3 year, $6 
      million offer to restricted free agent Wang Zhizhi.  Thus, Wang 
      is a Clipper.
10/14 Milwaukee matched Dallas' 4 year, $12 million contract 
      offer to restricted free agent Michael Redd.  Thus, Redd 
      remains with Milwaukee.
10/1 Dallas has signed restricted free agent Michael Redd to an 
     offer sheet of reported 4 years, $12 million.  Milwaukee has 
     15 days to match the offer.
9/30 The LA Clippers signed restricted free agent Wang Zhizhi to 
     a reported 3 years, $6 million offer sheet.  Dallas has 15 
     days to match the offer.
10/6 Dallas released Kipp Christianson.
9/30 Dallas signed Raja Bell and Adam Harrington to 1 year contracts.  
     Bell's contract is partially guaranteed.
9/28 Dallas re-signed Eduardo Najera.
9/27 Dallas signed Derek Hood and Kipp Christianson to 1 year,
     non-guaranteed contracts.
9/20 Dallas signed free agent Popeye Jones to a 1 year, minimum 
9/16  Dallas named Sean McCloskey as coordinator of basketball 
9/6 Dallas has added Derek Harper to their TV broadcast crew.  Harper
    joins Matt Pinto and Bob Ortegel.
7/30 Dallas re-signed Raef LaFrentz to a 7 year, $69,973,750 million 
     contract with a player opt-out after the 5th year.
7/30 Dallas named Robert Hackett as strength and conditioning coach.
     Hackett replaces Brett Brungardt who left to become the strength 
     and conditioning coach for the University of Washington's 
     basketball team.
7/25 Philadelphia signed unrestricted free agent Greg Buckner to a 6
     year, $18 million contract. 
7/16 The NBA came out with the numbers for the 2002-03 salary cap.
     The cap is $40.271 million.  It is the first time that the cap 
     has decreased.  Dirk Nowitzki's new contract extensions, which 
     starts this season and is based on 25% of the cap, is actually 
     worth about $79.3 million.
7/1 Dallas promoted Donn Nelson from director of player personnel
    to president of basketball operations and gave him a raise to $1 
    million.  The position is in addition to his assistant coaching 
    duties.  As a result, Nelson removed his name from consideration 
    for the Denver coaching job.
6/26 The Mavs made no moves on the 2002 draft night and simply used 
     their #55 pick to select Mladen Sekularac.  Sekularac is a 6-8
     guard-forward who is still under contract for one more season 
     with his team in Yugoslavia.
6/24 Dallas released Danny Manning.  Manning signed a 2-year contract
     last summer, but only $900,000 of the $1,700,000 he was 
     scheduled to make in 02-03 was guaranteed.
6/21 As expected, Dallas extended qualifying offers to Raef LaFrentz,
     Wang Zhizhi, and Eduardo Najera, making all 3 restricted free 

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