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slides to the ribosome
(to the Constellation).
The beads move.
The Pharaoh, Chacal, & Hathor are glabrous
arm in arm. The weight
of the Man-God
is on one foot / or the other.
They create the gleam
of this dimension,
of this single process,
of perfection.
But who is who? & WHAT?

      — Michael McClure, from Scratching the Beat Surface

NOVEMBER 29 Dorothy Day, anarchist

The Roman Catholic church will never name her a saint.

We do.



Romania: VAMPIRE UPRISING, vampires rise up from their graves after a year-long sleep, & walk the Earth in search of human blood. Garlic is traditionally hung in doorways & windows for protection.

People breaking out of a Bar Code

1673 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Beginning date of R.D. Blackmore novel Lorna Doone.

1695 -- Antiquarian/historian Anthony a Wood (`a' Wood — his idiosyncratic addition) dies, Oxford. In the Life & Times of Anthony a Wood, Llewellyn Powys wrote:

"Just as naturally as a cuttle fish ejects poisonous ink, so did Mr. Wood eject spite."

1799 -- US: American utopianist Amos Bronson Alcott lives, Wolcott, Connecticut.

1811 -- US: Wendell Phillips (1811-1884), Brahmin radical, lives.

1814 -- England: The London Times is the first newspaper printed on a mechanical press.

1831 -- Poland: Uprising! Unfortunately these Polish national uprisings (1830, 1846, 1848, 1863) are lead by very conservative leaders. Meanwhile the revolutionaries maintain close international relationships with Russian groups.

...bye bye I got to run now
engagements await us in Salt Lake City
industry riseth everywhere
arrows strike concrete
never shall bruise my sweetie's flesh
(says Cokboy) on horse
up river he makes his way
past mining camps Polacks were panning gold in
& other pure products of America
o prospectors o Anglo Saxons
baby-faced dumplings who pacified the west
with gattling guns with bounties for hides of babes
mothers' vulvas made baseballs to their lust
o bringers of civilization heros heros
I will fight my way past you who guard the sacred border
last frontier village of my dreams
with shootouts tyrannies
(he cries) who had escaped the law
or brought it with him
how vass I lost tzu get here

      — Jerome Rothenberg, excerpt, "Cokboy," POLAND/1931

1832 -- Germantown, Pennsylvania: Louisa May Alcott, author of Work, lives. Daughter of the brilliant, impoverished philosopher/teacher Amos Bronson Alcott (born same day, 1799).

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2003-4
Not the Little Woman most people imagine.
Daughter of Bronson, founder of the utopian
Fruitlands community.

Known for her novel Little Women, she also wrote Work, an autobiographical novel exposing the exploitation of women workers & the evils of industrialization in 1873.

After the failure of her father's utopian community Fruitlands, she took care of the welfare of the family. An ardent abolitionist, she volunteered in the American Civil War as a nurse & served in 1862-1863 at the Union Hospital in Georgetown, D.C. During this time she contracted typhoid from which she never completely recovered.

1847 -- US: Cayuse Indians massacre Rev. Marcus Whitman & his wife at a mission near Walla Walla, Washington, fearing that travelers were carrying measles.

Michael Bakunin, anarchist
1847 -- France: At a banquet in Paris commemorating the Polish insurrection of 1830, the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin delivers a speech denouncing the Russian government & is subsequently expelled from France.

The speech was published on December 14, 1847, in La Réforme.

The Russian ambassador, in an attempt to discredit him, circulates the false rumor that Bakunin is employed by the Russian government to pose as a revolutionary. The rumor was spread by Bakunin's rival, Karl Marx, through his newspaper. Expelled from France in December, Bakunin moved to Brussels where he met Marx again.

1851 -- anarchist diamond dingbat Italy: Andrea Costa lives (1851-1910). Anarchist, participant in the national conference under the direction of Bakunin before giving up on anarchism & becoming a socialist deputy in the Italian parliament.
Further details/ context, click here[Details / context]

1854 -- US: Umpqua & Kalapuyan tribes sign treaty ceding Oregon lands to US.

1859 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White begins serial publication.

Made with Pride in the USA
1864 -- US: Sand Creek Massacre.

The 'West is won' by the US cavalry under Colonel J M Chivington (a Methodist preacher) in his attack on the Cheyenne & Arapaho peoples at Sand Creek, Colorado. The unsuspecting camp (ordered away from the protection of Fort Lyon 4 days before), is slaughtered despite a white surrender flag. Having surrounded the camp, the troops butcher over 500 unarmed men, women & children.

What to Wear Today?: After 'victory', these fine sons of America scalp & mutilate the bodies, cutting out the females' genitalia & attaching them to their hats & saddles. The bodies are left to rot.

Nine of 900 cavalrymen are killed. A local newspaper calls this

"A brilliant feat of arms"

& stated the soldiers had

"covered themselves with glory."

A chief cause of the Arapaho-Cheyenne war that followed & of far-reaching influence in the Plains Indian wars of the next decade.

Sand Creek Massacre, book cover Chivington, acting on orders from Colorado's Governor, John Evans, massacres sleeping Cheyenne & Arapaho Indians camped under a US flag in one of the most brutal atrocities in US history. Virtually all of the 500 victims, mostly women & children, or old men, were tortured & scalped...

Further details / context, click here[Details / context]

Rough, Bad-landing comments, unrested travellers.
pisst-off, unrequited smokers, possible flat tire,
maybe broken wheel, trashed toilet, frazzled stewardesses,
possibly drunk pilot, potential Pope-hordes on the runway
projecting bloody Denver Sandwiches in the outwash.

       — Ed Dorn, "The Denver Landing"

Woman's symbol, Anarchist Feminist, animated
1865 -- Spain: Soledad Gustavo (aka Teresa Mańé; 1865-1939) lives, Villanova. Very cultivated, she was one of the first lay teachers in Spain. "Grandmother" of Mujures Libres.

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1870 -- England: State-run compulsory education initiated.

Captain Jack
1872 -- US: The Battle of Lost River, the first hostilities between the US government & Captain Jack's (aka Kintpuash) band of Modoc Indians.

T he government moves in early in the A.M. while the Modocs sleep, & demands a surrender. Instead, as could have been predicted, the distrustful Modocs react with gunfire. One Modoc, known as The Watchman is killed & one US soldier by the name of Harris is also killed. Several on both sides are wounded. In the immediate aftermath, the Modocs also kill 17 settlers. Some curiosity seekers had tagged along to watch the battle, & fled with guns firing at the first sign of hostilities. One of these killed a civilian & her infant with a panic-induced shotgun blast.

Source: Thanks to daver@ who once hosted the server,
who typed & provided this text to the Daily Bleed back in the olden days
when nothing Modoc was online

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1883 -- Printer/publisher Dard Hunter lives, Steubenville, Ohio. His writings on the history & technique of papermaking include the autobiography, My Life with Paper.

1893 -- France: Arrest of the anarchiste Edmond Aubin Marpaux, a member of the "Ligue des Antipatriotes," charged with the killing of a flic. He receives life in prison despite his denials of the crime, & is killed during a prison revolt. See 17 October.

1895 -- Film choreographer Busby Berkeley lives.

1896 -- France: Raoul Chenard, militant anarchist-syndicalist, lives (1896-1960).

1898 -- Christian writer/teacher C. S. Lewis (The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia) lives, Belfast.

With J.R.R. Tolkien & Charles Williams he formed a literary group called The Inklings, which took shape in the 1930s. Their Tuesday lunchtime sessions in the Bird & Baby pub became well-known part of Oxford social life.

anarchist A symbol
1899 -- Hanns-Erich Kaminski lives, Labiau (Eastern Prussia). Doctor in Economic Science, political editor for a social democratic paper. He went into exile February 1933 with the rise of Nazism.

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1901 -- Spain: Francisco Pi y Margall (1824-1901) dies. Catalan federalist, statesman & important early figure in Spanish anarchism. President of the first Republic in 1873, with the fall of King Amédée (hastened by Andalusian anarchist agitation of workers & peasants). Translated the works of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, & wrote La reación y la revolución. Sought a federal republic, separate from the church & redistribution of land to the peasants. In Andalusia & in several cities in the Southeast, a libertarian federalism emerged, but the Monarchist reactionaries defeated all revolutionary aspirations & Pi i Margall resigned.

"(...) notre principe est la souveraineté absolue de l'individu; notre but final est la destruction absolue du pouvoir et son remplacement par le contrat; notre moyen est la décentralisation et la transformation continue des pouvoirs existants"

in La reación y la revolución (1854)

1902 -- Carlo Levi lives. Italian writer, journalist, artist, doctor, whose first documentary novel, Christ Stopped at Eboli, became an international sensation & enhanced the trend toward social realism in postwar Italian literature. Along with Carlo & Nello Rosselli he founded an anti-fascist movement called Giustizia e Libertŕ.

CARLO LEVI 1997, 2005 SAINT, 16 MAY
Italian anti-fascist activist, author, humanitarian.

1905 -- US: The Chicago Defender, a black newspaper, begins publication.

1908 -- US: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. lives, New Haven, Conn.

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Gorki airplane
1909 -- USSR: Novelist Maxim Gorky is expelled from Communist Party. Later gets an airplane named after him (pictured above).

1916 -- US: Dedicated to spreading freedom everywhere in the world, the American government sets up a military government in the Dominican Republic. To "protect US interests. Yup.

Kurt Wafner, anarchist
1918 -- Kurt Wafner:

Ausgeschert aus Reih' und Glied.
Mein Leben als Bücherfreund und Anarchist

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1918 -- Author Madeleine L'Engle (A Ring of Endless Light; Walking on Water), lives, New York City. Author of 30 books.

1919 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feministUS: Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman address an audience of 4,500 people in Chicago about their prison experiences.

Tomorrow they address another large crowd. Then, on December 21, a large benefit banquet is held at the Hotel Morrison in Chicago. Emma describes the Detroit & Chicago meetings as "among the most inspiring in our public career." Berkman received his deportation orders from the "Land of the Free" on the 25th, & Emma receives hers today.

1919 -- US: Bogalusa Massacre.

From: "Gene Lawhorn"
Subject: UBCMEMBERS * Bogalusa, Louisiana Carpenters Memorial Resolution

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Renzo Novatore; source
1922 -- Renzo Novatore (1890-1922) is killed in an ambush by police. Close friends with Enzo Martucci & Bruno Filippi.

Pseudonimo di Abele Ricieri Ferrari. Fu poeta, filosofo, artista e militante anarchico individualista, fondamentalmente autodidatta. Individualista e anticlericale.

Viene ucciso il 29 Novembre 1922 a Teglia, nel Genovese, dentro un'osteria, durante un conflitto a fuoco con i regi carabinieri, i quali gli avevano teso una vile ed infame imboscata.

"So turn to yourselves rather than to your Gods or to your idols. Find what hides in yourselves; bring it to light; show yourselves!"

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Chessmen cover
1922 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Edgar Rice Burroughs novel The Chessmen of Mars is published.

"They contested every move with their lives !"

Yup! just like any (yawn) day at work...

1926 -- Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist Canada: Emma Goldman lectures on Ibsen to an audience of 500 at Hygeia Hall; the interest shown persuades her to initiate a series on drama.

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1929 -- Lt Cmdr Richard E Byrd sends a message: "My calculations indicate that we have reached the vicinity of the South Pole." (He was wrong.)

1932 -- Italy: Si prepara l'aggressione all'Etiopia basandosi sulla "Memoria per una azione offensiva contro l'Etiopia" elaborata dal comandante militare in Eritrea, Luigi Cubeddu.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

Fancy duds
1934 -- US: Retail workers at Boston Stores in Milwaukee strike at the beginning of the Christmas rush. Retail Clerks International Protective Association Local 12-84 launched an organizing drive this fall but was unable to get wage increases from store management. The strike is a united effort of three unions, including clerks, teamsters & building-service employees.

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1935 -- US: Two-term congressman from North Carolina Henry Plummer Cheatham dies in Oxford, North Carolina. The only African-American member of Congress during the 1890 term & the last elected to Congress for three decades as Jim Crow laws are tightened & voting rights for blacks gutted.

1938 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Aram Khachaturian's "A Poem About Stalin" premiers, Moskva.

1940 -- Source=Robert Braunwart The Minneapolis Fantasy Society holds its first meeting.

1940 -- anarchist diamond dingbat Spain: Miguel Abós (or Arbós) Serena (1889-1940) dies (28th or 29th?). Anarcho-syndicalist, militant de la CNT de Saragossa & Barcelona. Captured by the fascists during the revolution of 1936, he refused their request to collaborate & was imprisoned. Eventually escaping, he slipped into France where he was interned in the concentration camps of Barcarés & Septfonds where he died.
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1942 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: WW II coffee rationing begins (1 pound every five weeks). Americans start drooping like flies. Starbucks closes up shop.

1944 -- John Hopkins hospital performs first open heart surgery.

1944 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Malcolm Little [Malcolm X] is arrested for larceny.

1945 -- Republic proclaimed in Yugoslavia.

1947 -- German Green Party leader Petra Kelly lives, Gunzburg, Bavaria.

German Green Party leader, ecologist pioneer.

1948 -- US: Metropolitan Opera is televised for the first time as the season opens with "Othello."

Free Stan Rogers!; source
1949 -- Songster Stan Rogers lives, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

1949 -- Italy: La polizia di stato uccide a Torremaggiore (Foggia) due contadini che prendevano parte ad una manifestazione.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti]

1959 -- Kenneth Rexroth, in his New York Times Book Review article on Mexico City Blues, attacks Jack Kerouac & his writing.

Kenneth Rexroth was generally extremely supportive of the writers associated with the "Beat movement," which he helped usher in. This included high praise for the poet & fellow anarchist Robert Duncan, despite the fact Duncan was involved with his wife. This article was a venomous attack on Kerouac, whom Rexroth met & disliked. Kerouac seemed to serve as a lightning rod for a variety of dislikes, anxieties & other misgivings he had about the rise of the younger writers to national prominence in the US.

1961 -- Outer Space: Mercury-Atlas 5 carries a chimp (Enos) to orbit: The headlines scream: "Astronauts Chumped By Chimp."

1961 -- Source=Robert Braunwart US: Freedom Riders are attacked by a white mob, McComb, Miss. (-Dec. 2). Famed "Southern Hospitality."

1962 -- US: Sauteed? California court convicts three Navajos of the crime of consuming peyote during a religious ceremony.

1962 -- Italy: The actors Dario Fo & Franca Rame leave after eight episodes broadcasting "Canzonissima" as a result of repeated censure of their scripts imposed by state agencies.
Source: [Crimini e Misfatti] 29 Novembre. Gli attori Dario Fo e Franca Rame abbandonano dopo otto puntate la trasmissione televisiva "Canzonissima" a seguito delle ripetute censure imposte dagli organi dello stato ai loro copioni.

Scary face art
1963 -- US: A week after Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President John Kennedy was fatally shot out motoring in Dallas, Texass, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Lyndon Johnson establishes a special commission, headed by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, to investigate the assassination.

... show details

1964 -- US: Roman Catholic Church replaces Latin with English. "Why?" sighs a priest, "It's all Greek to me."

1965 -- Sit-Up & Take Notice?: Dale Cummings does 14,118 consecutive sit-ups. (Just like BleedMeister on any given day...)

1966 -- US: In Frisco, Municipal Court Judge Elton C. Lawless (!) reluctantly drops charges against members of The Diggers. Their heinous act was staging a Halloween puppet show at Haight & Ashbury streets. Released from custody were the anarchists Emmett Grogan, Peter Berg, Brooks Bucher, Peter Minnault & Robert Morticello.

1969 -- Australian cartoonist, artist, sculptor & novelist Norman Lindsay dies. Often censored by the wowsers for his big boobs & butts.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005-2009
Australian fantasist cartoonist, art bohemian.

1970 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Charles Ives orchestral work "The General Slocum" premiers, NYC.

1972 -- US: That Catholic Terrorist Priest Phil Berrigan paroled. Will Phil sin again?

Weapon firing on Freeway
1976 -- Jerry Lee Lewis shoots his bass player, Norman "Butch" Owens, twice in the chest while trying to hit a soda bottle. Lewis is charged with shooting a firearm within the city limits.

1980 -- Floodgates on the Tellico Dam on Little Tennessee River begin to flood 16,000 acres of Cherokee religious grounds.

1984 --

"Sam, I'm not gonna take any questions in this photo opportunity here. I'm just thinkin' of looking pretty for the cameras."

— Bad Acting President Ronnie Reagan & Rightwing Think-Tank Darling to Talking Head Sam Donaldson

The year 1984 was the perfect occasion to ask what novelist Thomas Pynchon calls "the perennial question of whether the United States still lingered in a prefascist twilight, or whether that darkness had fallen long stupified years ago, & the light they thought they saw was coming only from millions of Tubes all showing the same bright-colored shadows..."

1985 -- South Africa: 34 black unions unite to form 500,000 member congress of South African Trade Unions, in Durban.

1990 -- U.N. Security Council votes 12-2 in favor of war in Persian Gulf.

1990 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Argentine writer Adolfo Bioy Casares wins the Alfonso Reyes prize.

1994 -- Source=Robert Braunwart Perúvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa wins the Cervantes prize.

1997 -- Manuel Chiapuso (1912-1997) dies. Spanish militant, CNT member, historian of the Basque anarcho-syndicalist movement. Among his books are Los Anarquistas y la Guerra en Euskadi: La Communa de San Sébastián (1977), El Gobierno Vasco y los Anarquistas: Bilbao en Guerra (1978), & Un Siglo de Anarcosindicalismo en Euskadi (1990). Chiapuso also translated the works of the French anarchiste Gerard Lacaze-Duthiers.

Carnival Against Capital by James Koehnline
1999 -- US: Welcome to Seattle. WTO protests begin.

Graphic by James Koehnline

For a nice collection of images from the WTO protests, see the Stan Iverson Memorial Library Image collection:
Seattle Radical Timeline

2000 -- US:

Fire & Chaos in the Streets

Florida ... Recount Reveals Nader Defeated

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- A third recount by Florida election officials has "definitively determined" that Green Party candidate Ralph Nader was defeated.

"There was a very significant 25,603-vote discrepancy between the first two counts, with Nader losing by respective margins of 2,812,339 & 2,837,942, so we decided to conduct a hand recount," Florida Attorney General Jim Smith recounted.

"We now know that Nader lost by precisely 2,821,278 votes."

Nation plunges into chaos!

2000 -- US: In Southern California, faculty at Claremont Colleges are trying to get a union recognized. Subversity, a KUCI public affairs program, this afternoon talks with an organizer of the effort to organize faculty there for the I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World), fondly known as the "Wobblies" or "Wobs."

Wobbly organizer Dana Ward, a political scientist at Pitzer College, is the featured guest. Ward hosts the Anarchy Archives & is active in the International Society of Political Psychology, where he serves as executive director.

2001 -- Source=Robert Braunwart South Africa: Four white policemen are sentenced to prison for siccing dogs on blacks in 1998.

2002 -- England: Boardwalk? British price-fixing fine levied last November on Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly: nearly $8,000,000.

2004 -- Chile: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Ricardo Lagos proposes special lifetime pensions (about $200 a month) for 28,000 survivors of the Pinochet regime's torture camps. Eatcher heart out Milton Henry Friedman Kissinger...

2006 -- England: TheRoyalShaft? News of the World newspaper's royal editor Clive Goodman pleads guilty to conspiring to intercept the voicemail messages of Princes William & Harry. Goodman gets a fat payment ($300,000+) shortly thereafter. Gets shafted (arrested) again in 2011, & part of the Rupert Murdoch's news gang that ends the 168-year publication.

2010 -- GlowInDeDark?: Pablo Picasso's electrician says he has 271 previously unknown works given to him as gifts by the artist.

3000 --

[...] this was the Government, doing things.
I saw militiamen level their rifles at a crowd of
workingmen who were trying to get other workingmen
to stay away from a shop where there was a strike
on. Government in action.

Everywhere I saw that Government is a thing made of
men, that Government has blood & bones, it is
many mouths whispering into many ears, sending
telegrams, aiming rifles, writing orders, saying
"yes" & "no."

Government dies as the men who form it die & are laid
away in their graves & the new Government that
comes after is human, made of heartbeats of blood,
ambitions, lusts, & money running through it all,
money paid & money taken, & money covered
up & spoken of with hushed voices.

A Government is just as secret & mysterious & sensitive
as any human sinner carrying a load of germs,
traditions & corpuscles handed down from
fathers & mothers away back.

— Carl Sandburg, excerpt, "GOVERNMENT" (1910)

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