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Rough, Bad-landing comments, unrested travellers.
pisst-off, unrequited smokers, possible flat tire,
maybe broken wheel, trashed toilet, frazzled stewardesses,
possibly drunk pilot, potential Pope-hordes on the runway
projecting bloody Denver Sandwiches in the outwash.

       — Ed Dorn, The Denver Landing — 11 Aug 1993
Charles Potts, On Ed Dorn's Gunslinger

Val Plumwood


Australian eco-feminist, theorist of radical ecosophy.

Lost Colonies, High on a Hill, Carolinas: Day after "Wild Bill" Koehnline's Birthday; father of SaintMeister James Koehnline; 1998 survivor of 19 unrelenting days Microsoft Hell after upgrading; the only Daily Bleed recipient with an Art Gallery named after him & his peculiar tastes.

We have nothing that is ours except time,
which even those without a roof can enjoy.

— Baltasar Gracián, Oráculo manual y Arte de prudencia



1241 -- Death of Ogadai, Mongol KaKhan.

1259 -- Mongka, KaKhan of the Mongols, dies.

1471 -- Hazards?: Republic of Novgorod becomes subject to the Dukes of Moscow. Changes name to Notgood?

Bleedster Piero writes from Poland:

This was rather a tragedy. According to the order of Ivan IV the Terrible, all the people that lived in Novgorod were killed, burned, drown in the river, thousands of people, including women, kids & elders — few were sold as slaves to other regions of Russia. The city was burned, building destroyed & the land was ploughed — not anyone to remember in Russia about the republic of Novgorod, the Athens of the North, where authority was strongly based on direct democracy & republican. The Moscow Russia was to be one man ruled, tsarist country.

1597 -- Germany throws out English Mason shoe salesmen.

1772 -- Explosive eruption blows 4,000' off Papandayan Java, kills 3,000.

1775 -- New Old World: The Nestuccas, a branch of the Tillamook tribe, conduct trade warily with American ship Lady Washington off the coast of Oregon.

1797 -- England: A secret Home Office report suspects Wordsworth & Coleridge of being enemy agents because of their strange behavior — wandering the countryside with camp stools & making detailed observations of the landscape.
Source: 'Calendar Riots'

1811 -- Author Judah P. Benjamin lives.

old book
1823 -- Author Charlotte M. Yonge lives, Otterboume, Hampshire, England. Achieves popular success with The Heir of Redclyffe, & donated her fees from this & other works to charitable causes.

1828 -- US: First American labor party forms in Philadelphia.

Robert Ingersoll
1833 -- US: Agnostic iconoclast Robert Ingersoll lives, Dresden, New York.

19th-century American agnostic, free-thinker. Daily Bleed Patron Saint 1998

1834 -- US: A mob led by Protestant truckmen & brickmakers ransack & burn the Ursuline Convent in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

1861 -- US: Lost Email? NY Daily News has its postal privileges revoked, & is suspended for 18 months, as a consequence of its hostility to the Civil War. This action is taken by the President with by far the worst record of trampling civil liberties & ignoring the Bill of Rights — Beloved & Respected Comrade Abraham Lincoln.

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1873 -- John Rosamond Johnson lives, Jacksonville, Fla. With Bob Cole, part of the famous vaudeville team Cole & Johnson but best remembered as a composer who, with his brother James Weldon Johnson providing the lyrics, writes "Lift Every Voice & Sing."

1877 -- Asaph Hall discovers Mars's moon Deimos.

1877 -- US: The Dodge City Times of Kansas describes a scene at the local police court:
'The Marshal will preserve strict order,' said the Judge. 'Any person caught throwing turnips, cigar stumps, beets, or old quids of tobacco in this Court, will be immediately arraigned before this bar of Justice.' Then Joe, a local policemen, looked savagely at the mob in attendance, hitched his ivory handle a little to the left & adjusted his moustache. 'Trot out the wicked & unfortunate, & let the cotillion commence,' said his Honor.

1880 -- Aleksandr Grin lives, Slobodskoy, Russia. Soviet prose writer notable for romantic short stories of adventure & mystery. Among the most exotic of all Russian literature, fantastic & whimsical. His work was condemned as antisocial, bourgeois, & decadent. See 8 July.

1882 -- Voline, Russian revolutionary & historian, lives.

Voline returned to Russia when revolution broke out, doing similar educational writing & distribution, & joined the revolutionary anarchist army of Nestor Makhno.

Arrested January 14, 1919, Trotsky had ordered his execution...

alt spellings: Nestor Machno; Vsevolod Mikhailovich Eichenbaum

Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste[Details / context]

Kyra book cover
1884 -- Romanian novelist & hog farmer Panaït Istrati lives (-1935).

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old book
1892 -- Hugh MacDiarmid lives, Langholm, Dumfriesshire. Preeminent Scottish poet of the first half of the 20th century & leader of the Scottish literary renaissance. Rejects English as a medium in his early poetry, returning to standard English in Stony Limits (1934) & Second Hymn to Lenin (1935). Nice collection of Scottish writers & more at:

1894 -- US: Federal troops drive some 1,200 jobless workers from the nation's capital across the Potomac River.

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1896 -- Enid Blyton lives. British writer, published over 600 children's or juvenile books. Most famous series were The Famous Five (television series in 1995), The Secret Seven, & Adventure books. They paint an idyllic vision of rural England & hearty Englishness. Translated into nearly 70 languages & sold over 60 million volumes.

1897 -- Poet Louise Bogan lives, Livermore Falls, Minnesota.

1898 -- Belgium: In Brussels, the police chief of Monmaerts tries to arrest the anarchiste Henri Willems at his home, & is welcomed with gun shots. Willems manages to escape after the shootout.

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1905 -- Argentina: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Quintana escapes an attentat when the weapon used by the young Catalán Salvador Planas y Virella fails.

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e-mail skeleton, animated
1909 -- High Seas: Spam? First use by an American ship of the SOS distress signal, by the Arapahoe.

1913 -- Angus Wilson lives. British writer whose works portrays conflicts in contemporary English social & intellectual life.

1917 -- Russia: The first issue of Golos Truda (The Voice of Labor), appears. Appears under banner of the Union of Anarcho-Syndicalist Propaganda, published by Voline upon his return from America. Edited by G.P. Maximov, it is shut down by the government in May 1918 & its successor Volny Golos Truda (The Free Voice of Labor) is closed down after its fourth issue (September 16, 1918).

1921 -- Alex Haley lives, Ithaca, New York. Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Roots & The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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1921 -- France: Léon Prouvost dies, St-Raphaël. Known as the "Libertarian Philanthropist." Anarchist militant, antimilitarist & anticlericalist propagandist, & publisher. He bequeathed part of his fortune to André Lorulot.
Further details/ context, click here; libertaire, anarchiste[Details / context]

1932 -- orange diamond dingbat, added 2012, remove 2014Fernando Arrabal lives. Spanish playwright, screenwriter, film director, novelist & poet. Co-founded the Panic Movement with Alejandro Jodorowsky & Roland Topor in 1962. Elected Transcendent Satrap of the Collège de 'pataphysique in 1990 (along with 40 others over the past half-century, including Marcel Duchamp, Eugène Ionesco, Man Ray, Boris Vian, Dario Fo, Umberto Eco & Jean Baudrillard). A chess fanatic, Arrabal wrote a chess column for the French weekly L’Express for over thirty years.

1935 -- France: Militant co-operativist Jean-Gabriel Goujon (1859-1935) dies.

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1936 -- American author André Dubus lives.

Boxing gloves swinging, animated
1937 -- Ernest Hemingway rips open his shirt to display his chest hair & punches Max Eastman in the nose in Maxwell Perkins' office. Mayhaps this is what drove Eastman from his leftwing Bolshevik leanings to rightwing Cold Warrior?

Class War
1937 -- US: ILWU receives CIO labor charter.

1937 -- Spain: Council of Aragon dissolved by decree of the Republican government (acting on the behest of the Communists).

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1939 -- Australia: "Radical ecosophist" Val Plumwood lives (-2008), near Sydney. Ecofeminist intellectual & activist, prominent in the development of radical ecosophy from the early 1970s through the remainder of the 20th century. Wrote Feminism & the Mastery of Nature (1992), a contemporary classic.

Newspaper clipping
1945 -- US: Striking Mexican filmworkers bar distribution of American films.

1952 -- US: Philip Morrison, a Cornell Professor of Physics, expresses doubts about atomic warfare & then faces a Congressional anticommunist investigating committee for doing so.

Keep America Clean with 'Commie Cleanser'

1954 -- Lina Polito lives, Napoli, Italy, actress ("Love & Anarchy").

Jackson Pollack
1956 -- "Action painter" Jackson Pollock is permanently out of action.

1962 --
'In the middle of the road of our life'
the attention advances & ignites
the balance
& the intuitive light
alive in any baby
              not mere lucence
       of places
              & plants

— Jackson Mac Low (1922-)



1964 -- Spain: Stuart Christie & Fernando Carballo Blanco arrested in Madrid. Christie is suspected of supplying explosives to blow up Franco. On September 2, 1964, Carballo is sentenced to 30 years imprisonment & Christie to 20 years.

In 1967 continued protests over Christie's imprisonment leads to the machine-gunning of a US Embassy by the First of May Group...

Further details/ context, click here; anarquista, libeertarian[Details / context]

Watts: R. Cobb cartoon
1965 -- US: Watts Riots begin in LA when a white policeman stops Marquette Frye, a black driver, for drunkenness. By 16 August, when the riots end, 34 are dead, 800 wounded, 3,000 arrests & $200 million worth of property destroyed.

“These rioters don’t have any leaders.”

1968 -- England: Start of National Apple Week. The Beatles launch their new record label, Apple Records.

1968 --
Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige, 62,
& needing 158 days
on a major league
baseball payroll
to qualify for a pension,
is signed by the Braves.

1968 -- Article by writer Gregory McDonald entitled "Off the Road...the Celtic Twilight of Jack Kerouac" in the Boston Sunday Globe today. Also during this month, Kerouac visits Charles Olson in Gloucester, Massachusetts, appears on William F. Buckley's television show The Firing Line, has a reunion with William Burroughs & Lucien Carr in NY, Kerouac sells a letter from Allen Ginsberg & Neal Cassady to the University of Texass, & sells letters from William Burroughs to Columbia University.

1970 -- US: United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez begins a hunger strike to protest union harassment by Teamsters officials.

"People who have lost their hunger for justice are not ultimately powerful. They are like sick people who have lost their appetite for what is truly nourishing. Such sick people should not frighten or discourage us. They should be prayed for along with the sick people who are in the hospital."


United Farm Workers

1972 -- US: Dave?¿DAVE¿ Dave's Not Here Man!: "Cheech & Chong Day" in San Antonio, Texass.

1978 -- US: American Indian Religious Freedom Act passed. Significant portions of the bill have since been eroded by conservative court rulings.

1983 -- Deep Seas: Soviet nuclear-powered submarine reported sunk, North Pacific.

1984 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting President Ronnie Reagan signs a law prohibiting public high schools from barring students who wish to assemble for religious or political purposes outside of school hours.

Dr. Strangelove
1984 -- US: During a radio voice test Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting Prez Ronnie Reagan joking:

Dr. Strangelove

"I have signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes."

1989 -- Outer Space: Voyager 2 discovers Neptune; has an unfamiliar ring to it?

Nan composing at home
1997 -- Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997) dies, México City. Vanguard composer (Contraption No. 1 for Violin & Mechanical Piano), activist, American expatriate. Fought in the Lincoln Brigade, then fled America to México City to avoid being hounded for his former Communist affiliations. Caught the attention of John Cage, & Merce Cunningham choreographs Nancarrow's Studies Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7.

Daily Bleed Patron Saint 2005-2008
Polytemporal player-piano composer, Lincoln brigadier.

kid with way thick glasses
1999 -- Last total eclipse of the sun in this millennium, visible from Ireland to India, portends ______ things. (Fill in de blank.)

anarchist conference collage
2000 -- US: The North American Anarchist Conference, from August 11-17, in Los Angeles. A trans-continental gathering of anarchists in the days before the DNC, upstaging the Democratic Convention & the whacko Pat Buchanan-Ross Perot party of brotherly love.

dancing anarchist in kilt
3000 --

We won't have demolished everything
until we've demolished the ruins themselves!
Now, I don't see any way to do that
except to erect beautiful, orderly buildings."

— le Père Ubu.

Zippy! Yow!, I am having Fun!

3500 --
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