MPOS Mini Mail Auction #1, January 28, 2019




This is a special auction of items owned by MPOS for auction to members only.

All proceeds will go to MPOS. All items are pictured on the MPOS web site.



The Rules for bidding are simple:


Items will be sold at one increment over second bid or starting bid.

Bids must conform to increments, which are as follows:


   $1.00 - $4.75  25c

   $5.00 - $9.50  50c

   $10.00 - up    $1.00


Bids not meeting these increments will be reduced to conform.


Mail bids to Rick Kunz, PO Box 1058, Poulsbo WA 98370 or send via email to Please include your MPOS member number when bidding.

All bids must be received by 8PM Monday, January 28, 2019.


Phone bidding or phone answers about current bids or lots can't be provided for this auction. Since all items are pictured online, we are not making printed scans of

the covers available.  Bid what you are willing to pay, no less than the starting bid; winners will pay only one increment above second bid or starting bid if only one bid

received. Ties will be awarded to the earliest bid received.


After the close, winning bidders will receive an invoice by email or letter, including nominal postage cost. Lots will not be shipped until payment is received.

MPOS will accept payment via Paypal; winning bidders should wait for instructions. Paypal invoices will include a 5% surcharge due to fees incurred by the Society.


As always, satisfaction is guaranteed by MPOS. Bid with confidence.


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