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Personal Freedom Outreach offers a number of very useful publications dealing with heretical, abusive, or other issues which require a biblical exposition. Most articles do not deal directly with the shepherding movement, but I am listing it first because of the trustworthiness of PFO's articles and biblical teaching. Please refer to the section entitled "Spiritual Abuse/Guidance" on PFO's Book Catalog
Real Truth Publications (Steven Lambert) publishes articles from his book "Charismatic Captivation" including this one on The Fallacy of Personal Pastors.
Searching Together (Jon Zens) has a number of good articles on the church and how Christians should function in the church. One particularly good article is on The "Clergy/Laity" Distinction: A Help or a Hindrance to the Body of Christ? which supports the idea that God does not establish a hierarchical pattern in the church that would create two classes of Christians (and thus we do not need shepherds to rule over us).
Frank Viola publishes "Reimagining Church" which deals with covering and other issues related to the shepherding movement and current day churches that are reviving many of the shepherding teachings.
The Church Revolution web site includes a number of thoughtful and well researched articles about movements in the church, including a number of blog posts on The Shepherding Movement. One article entitled Apostolic Movements is particularly helpful in listing many of the major North American groups involved in current day shepherding practices.
Soverign Grace Survivors presents a forum by former members of one of the major groups involved in the current day shepherding movement.
Seek God presents a history of the "Ft. Lauderdale Five" who founded the Shepherding Movement.
The Charles Simpson Ministries web site has archived copies of all the old New Wine Magazine issues (this was a major source of information for the early shepherding movement).

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