This is a (somewhat random) collection of essays I've posted to Usenet over the years, along with a few similarly elaborate e-mail messages.

On correctness:

On precedence vs. order of evaluation:

On undefined behavior:

On strings in C, and assigning them, and the choice between char * and char [] for holding them:

On converting between "binary" and "decimal" (or, really, between numbers -- integers -- and strings of digits):

On the difference between prefix and postfix ++ in C:

On recursion:

On the eternal question of whether "void main()" is acceptable, or whether main() must be declared as returning int:

On the obscure but fascinating "inverse varargs problem":

On elegant vs. mundane software:

I probably won't always keep this index up-to-date, so if you like, you can "click here" for a guaranteed current list of files in this directory.

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