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Alexandro's Mexican Food and Steaks (Closed)
5655 Gateway West
El Paso, TX

Cost: $ 20 Mexican
El Paso
Smoking: No Smoking
Serves Breakfast
Best Items: Tampiqueña Steak, Mole
Red Enchiladas:
Mole Enchiladas:
Green Enchiladas:
Rice: , Beans:
12-Aug-05 10+
In the many years I have been going to Alexandro's, both downtown and at its current location, I have thought of it more as a bargain than as a place to find really good examples of Mexican food. The steak tampiqueña, the specialty of the house (along with the fajitas) is a solid choice for meat lovers.

In following a more meatless route inrecent times, I have been surprised at how good the "standard" Mexican food is. In fact, Alexandro's is one of the better examples of El Paso style food. The chiles are flavorful, with enough spices for a good taste but not overboard so that it lingers in your mouth long afterward.

Red Enchiladas offer a good introduction to El Paso food--they have the flavor of New Mexico chiles but are not much spicier than the standard Tex-Mex variety.

The chile used in the Green Enchiladas is puréed, but the flavor is much stronger than is usually found in El Paso.

Mole Enchiladas are probably the best bet, not because they are better than the red ones, but because it is so difficult to find truly good mole in El Paso or anywhere.

For all the enchiladas, I think the cheese contributes to the quality as much as anything--it tastes like the traditional Mexican white cheese, with a little yellow thrown in for variety.

All meals start out with complimentary Caldo (beef soup) minus any noticeable signs of beef (with or without beef, the soup is nothing to get very excited about).

While I cannot point to any particular item for which Alexandro's might be the best El Paso example (even the steak tampiqueña is probably better at Jaxon's), this is a good restaurant to sample El Paso style food. The mix of flavors you receive on a combination plate or a tri-color enchilada plate is a good beginner's guide to the regional Mexican style food (nothing is too hot, but good flavors come through). It's probably roughly equal to La Cuesta for this type of food, with Alexandro's leaning a little more toward the meat items as being the best things to order.

Lastly I should point out that the building is very interesting. The décor is much like Pancho's Mexican Buffet, with bright colors and decorations. The architecture, though, is something else. The building is triangular-shaped. The inside is a mishmash of irregularly shaped rooms and tables, with ramps, stairs, winding halls, balconies, little rooms, secluded booths and tables, and oddly placed doors througout the building (it is accessible, though, because of the strategically placed ramps).

Breakfast is served, with a buffet on Saturday (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).

Gateway West, the street on which Alexandro's is located, is the frontage road to I-10. The restaurant is also easy to get to from Paisano Drive.

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