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Delizia Gourmet (Closed)
7040 N. Mesa St.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $$$ 23 International Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Bring Your Own Wine (the owners say)
Best Items: Parmesan Chicken, Oriental Chicken
Parmesan Chicken:
Oriental Chicken:
Aztec Medallions:
20-May-05 2
Delizia Gourmet is building up slowly--it started out on Montana near downtown and now occupies a small space in a strip shopping center on the west side that has not been granted a liquor license.

The food, though, is what is making the word spread about the restaurant. The menu is "fusion," or whatever the chefs want to put together. The inspiration for the dishes is mainly from Italy, France, Mexico, and Asia. It is not, however, strictly food from these countries.

I ordered the Chicken Breast Parmisan, thinking that it would be like the typical Italian restaurant with red sauce on top. Instead, it was a very juicy chicken breast with fresh spinach inside along with chunks of parmesan cheese. I was quite impressed with the freshness and the flavors--I'm not much of a chicken eater but the spinach inside made the flavor complex enough that it was quite enjoyable.

The Salad that comes with the meal consisting of pears, sunflower seeds, and house dressing was almost as good as the entrée.

When I tried the Oriental Chicken it was as good as the parmesan chicken, but it lacked something with the wild rice side dish (I would have liked the pear salad or some kind of green vegetables better).

I had a taste of the Aztec Medallions, a filet set on a bed of grilled cactus with a bean sauce. Although interesting, I did not think it was a memorable beef dish.

It is extremely hard to find any vegeterian dishes here, and I do not understand why the entrées do not come with vegetables, nevertheless the quality and flavor of the food makes it worthwhile.

A sign in the window says "bring your own wine," although with such a varied menu it might be difficult to know what you are going to order and therefore what kind of wine to bring. I think no matter what wine you choose, there will be something on the menu that would match up well with it.

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