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Howah Chinese Buffet (Closed)
8848 Gateway East
El Paso, TX

Cost: $
Hours: Open Daily
(Also at 9868 Dyer)
9 Chinese Tea: Oolong (bags)
MSG: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking

26-Jun-04 1
Over the years I have developed a very low tolerance of MSG. When Howah put MSG in my food, even though I ordered off the menu asking for the MSG to be omitted, I considered this to be a deal-breaker (and I will not go back).

It is too bad, because the food tasted pretty good, and some people who can tolerate MSG even enjoy eating here. If you do eat here you might as well eat from the buffet because it has a good variety of items, and the food does have a good flavor.

Another thing that was almost a deal-breaker was the fact that they do not serve jasmine tea, and the oolong served is the cheapest, most rot-gut brand available (nothing like the oolong typically served on the west coast as the house tea).

I have actually eaten at the Dyer Street location several times, but the food there is a lot worse. The redeeming feature of the Dyer restaurant, though, is that when you say you want food with "no MSG," they will actually give it to you this way.

Also note that items ordered from the menu do not come with hot and sour soup, or any soup at all, thus further diminishing the enjoyment of the meal.

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