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Tutti Café (Closed)
11360 Montwood Dr.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $
Hours: Open Daily
16 Mexican
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Item: Tortas
24-Nov-04 1
Tutti Cafe is not too complicated--they serve tortas and licuados (fruit smoothies). The main choice here is deciding what type of torta to order--they come with various types of meat such as beef, barbacoa, fajitas, ham, and of course turkey tail.

I was looking for a light dinner so I decided to try a torta. I thought the bun was excellent, and I liked the fact that all sandwiches come with guacamole. You can add your own salsa from the salsa bar, and some sides are available such as fruit salad or potato chips. I happened to eat there while the owners' Thanksgiving meal was being prepared so I was able to try a Turkey Torta (the regular turkey--not the turkey tail). Of course this is not on the menu, so I really can't vouch for the meats that are regularly served, but I can say that mine was very good.

The problem I had was that the torta was a little too light--I was still hungry afterward and had to eat something else. Still I think this is probably a good place for lunch or when you have a light appetite (and you won't spend a lot of money here either). I thought tortas normally had mayonnaise or some type of sauce, but the avocado used here is just perfect.

The low point of my meal was the Fruit Smoothie drink. It was way too sweet, and for about the same money I could have bought another torta (which would have been too much food, but I think I would have enjoyed it).

The owners couldn't be nicer, so you might give this place a try.

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