The Autumn Cemetary Text The Second Edition, Revised

all material herein, under the title "The Autumn Cemetary Text", is copyrighted February 1996 by Lloyd Warren Ravlin, the third son in a direct line of male children named Lloyd Warren Ravlin. This man calls himself September on the internet, specifically that domain of usenet news known as alt.gothic. The below is his work and his alone with the exception of some input given by Stacey the Cat and Imagen Marin ("Imaginary Mary"). None are allowed to copy for use of finical profit, even the author, however you are free to distribute the entire work or quote portions, so long as it's attributed as the private creation of the author, whether he be identified as Lloyd Warren Ravlin III or September.

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The Autumn Cemetery Text, being a prelude to the Gothic Bible and a guidebook of sorts

"In the happy night, In secret, when none saw me, nor I beheld aught, without light or guide, save that which burned in my Heart." - Dark Night of the Soul, St. John of the Cross

Everything in this book consists of advice, opinion, and observation. I wish that it helps and is enjoyable, but do not let it rule your life and if you feel other parts of your life are primary to the Gothic Scene, let them come first. I myself, September, am stupid and poor and sad. Have pity or none, it is all the same to me, for I am going to die and shall never give away my Heart.

Best Beloved,

Ours is the real Scene of Darkness, of the Night.

And if Ours were all vampires, would we tell someone like you? If you really want to know something about Ours, the goths, ask honestly, without a hostile or mocking tone. Really, now. That's better. Come hither, have a clove. Light it on mine, a kiss.

Pray read, for a moment. Here are the questions. In this guidebook, I designate each section by a title rather than use numbers. The sections follow:

night - Question and Garden

mirror - Starless, a Face

candle - The Scene and the Seen

crucifix - Suffering our Aesthetic

grimoire - Hands and Hours and Eyes

ankh - The Mystery of Vampirism and Ghosts

cemetery - Stone Over Dreams

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