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Babe ... the Best Film Ever!

I almost didn't see the first Babe film in the theatre. Mostly I ignored its great reviews and terrific word-of-mouth acclaim. Cynically, thought I, this was a movie about a talking pig! Eventually I gave in and saw Babe at a second-run theatre.

Babe changed my life forever

I saw Babe four more times in the theatre. I gave up pork, ham, bacon, prosciutto and all other porcine products. I used it as a teaching tool to discuss freedom, tradition and political obligation with my students. Most of all, Babe made me recall what I knew as a child and had learnt to forget as an adult: that wonder is the core of the encounter between the human and animal species, that dreams should be held close, that everyone, even your enemy, needs a second chance.

What is Babe all about?

The first Babe film depicts the quest of a young orphaned pig, Babe, to become a sheep pig.
In the second film, Babe embarks on quest in the city to save the farm.

This website is very much under construction. While it's being developed, here are some pictures to look at.

Images from Babe 1

Babe leads the boss to victory
Babe and Farmer Hoggett meet
Another photo of Babe and the farmer meeting
Babe and Farmer Hoggett regard each other
Babe and Farmer Hoggett together
Babe in the box
Ferdinand "Ferdi" the duck
The poster
The poster in black and white
Fly and Rex
Fly again
The Hoggetts
The Hoggetts in black and white
Ferdi gets Babe to keep the time
Maa again

Images from Babe 2

Champion Babe
A family portrait
Esme and Babe look for a hotel
Babe in front of the pet hotel
Babe looks out his hotel window
The City outside Babe's hotel window
Ferdi rouses Babe
Babe meets the not-so-great apes
Babe leads the homeless city dogs
Babe looks out the truck
Will she get her pig back? Esme finds it's all up in the air
Esme explains it all
Writer-director George Miller
Miller and friend

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