Terrence Malick's Style

  • The burning question: will Malick ever direct a film before twenty years more pass? He has said yes, but for now it seems he's concentrating on producing films.

  • Family ties: Malick's third wife is Alexandra "Ecky" W.B. Malick. They married in 1998. Ecky's sons Will and Todd Wallace acted in The Thin Red Line.

  • Current residence: Austin, Texas.

  • Current job: Malick and co-producer Edward R. Pressman Badlands have started their own company, Columbine Productions. They have a deal with Sony Pictures Classics to develop a minimum of three films between 1999 and 2002.

  • On his work style: "It takes a while for Terry to trust you and feel comfortable," says John Powell, who composed the musical score for the Malick-produced documentary Endurance.

    More on his work style: Malick worked closely with musical composer Hans Zimmer, who wrote the score for The Thin Red Line by setting up an office in Zimmer's own company, Media Ventures. Zimmer was going to compose the score for Endurance but handed the job over to Powell, who's in the "artist pool" for Zimmer's co.

  • Fun fact 1: The Thin Red Line actor Jim Caviezel describes Malick's voice as a cross between a Texas drawl and Kermit the frog.

  • Fun fact 2: Malick used to have long hair and a long beard, both of which were trimmed around the time of The Thin Red Line's release. Mr. Malick, you have lost your chance to audition for another spot in ZZ Top!

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