Fan Fiction -- Disney and Star Trek

by Christine Morgan

A Matter of Pride

     The Lion King. How Scar got his scar, why Nala left the Pridelands, and Simba & Nala's reunion.  Mature readers only, please.


    The Lion King. A sequel to "A Matter of Pride." A tale of obsession and revenge in the Pridelands. Mature readers only, please

My, What a Guy

     Beauty and the Beast. Gaston romps with the triplets. Mature readers only, please.


     Hunchback of Notre Dame. Judge Claude Frollo is tormented by visions of Esmeralda. Mature readers only, please.

Wa'DIch Ghom

     ST: TNG. An encounter between Worf and Troi. Mature readers only, please.

Fully Functional

     ST:TNG. The engineering crew make a woman as a birthday present for Data. Mature readers only please.

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