Read This First
If You Wish to Write to Me

Some of my writings may be controversial for you. That's good. My opinions do not necessarily have to match yours otherwise this would be a dull world. If you are reading this, one of my articles got a reaction from you. This is good too. At least, I got you to think about another opinion. Mine.

Fan Email

I like getting fan email. They're not only fun to read but it is gratifying to know people are reading my articles, finding them informative and even using them! I also enjoy getting different viewpoints from other people too if they are thoughtful and informed. It encourages me to write more.

Useless Email

However, I get other types of email which is pretty useless. A waste of energy for the sender as well as for me, the receiver. This is getting to be one of my pet peeves. In case you're wondering why I never replied to your brilliant refutation or desperate plea for information, your email message probably fell into one of the categories below:
  1. People who don't really READ the article.
    I spend a great deal of time writing these articles. This includes gathering and verifying information, writing the actual text, editing the text (lots of editing!), making it aesthetically pleasing in HTML, uploading the file(s), verifying links, etc. It is disconcerting to hear from some lazy ass requesting a summary of information without bothering to READ it first.

    Why take the time to write an email message to me if you haven't even read the article in question? More importantly, why should I take the time to read your message and reply to you? I can't say how many times people ask me for information which is already cited in the article. Or say something which obviously indicates they never read it. This is just plain laziness. If you really read my article, the odds are your question has already been answered.

  2. People who want me to do their homework. These people never read my articles, just the headline. This really surprises me since the Web is the greatest thing to quickly grab information and get it spoonfed to you. I especially like messages where the homework is due the next day. I am not your Web tutor. Do your own searches, research, readings and summaries. However, I am open to cash offers.

  3. People who want to remain anonymous. It would be rude not to identify yourself over the phone. Why do some people think it's OK to do so over email? Especially, if you are responding to something I wrote?! The really clever ones try to spoof their return email address. That won't work. I can still find you! These messages automatically get ignored as they are written by the gutless. Life's too short to waste time with flakey people.

  4. People who argue illogically. Some people are so clueless, I don't know where to begin!

If your message is not in one of the above categories, you have greatly increased your chances that I will reply to you.

If you don't hear from me, oh well.

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Last updated : April 12, 2016
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