What is NetQ?

It's a way you can ask questions about my papers.

I created NetQ because often, while reading someone's paper, I would have a question. Maybe it would be about something that wasn't clear or I thought might be incorrect. I might also want to ask the author how this work related to something else, or what future directions the author saw for the work. I'd want to ask about implications. The paper might provoke an idea in me and I would want to see what the author thought. For all these reasons it seemed it would be neat to have a way of somehow linking to the author and getting my questions answered.

There's nothing like that now, so I decided to use some of my own authored and co-authored papers as a test bed and see if the idea was interesting to people.

To use NetQ, just click on the 'NetQ' link next to a paper title on my publications page.

NetQ has two modes. There are questions that have already been asked by people and I have answered as best I could. You can click on a link following the question and get the answer immediately.

In the other mode--if you don't find your question on the list or there aren't any questions yet for that paper--you can send the question in, anonymously. I will answer it as soon as possible and post the question and answer for you and for the benefit of everyone who might have that question. In this way, NetQ's value should grow for everybody (who reads these papers! :)).

Ultimately, it would be nice if all of our webpages had not only downloadable papers, but NetQ links for questions on those papers. That seems a wonderful long-term objective. Anyone who is interested in implementing NetQ please contact me.

A couple of details:

(1) I've put NetQ links next to several papers on my publications page. The number in parentheses indicates how many questions about the paper have already been answered and can be accessed immediately. Four of the papers have existing questions and answers. "Classifier fitness based on accuracy" has many. But please don't hesitate to send in new questions, either for these papers or the other ones! Just click on the NetQ link and it will be clear what to do.

(2) On the question form, please fill in the section of the paper from which the question arises (if possible).

(3) If on the question form you include your email address, I will send the answer directly to you (besides posting it). This should be a bit faster.

(4) The question form also has a checkbox which gives permission to sign your question when it is posted. You also need to fill in your name. The default is that questions are anonymous, as noted above.

Thanks for your help and interest. Please send me any suggestions or comments.

Stewart Wilson