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On this page, you can discover something about me, my interests, my profession and affiliations, etc. Despite the fact that I work in the financial services industry, I have a tremendous interest in the arts and humanities. I hope you will enjoy reading about it.

(Note: This page contains information and links that are outdated. I don't even live in San Francisco at this time!)

(Note 2: This home page is obsolete. Please visit http://www.yoosh.com for my most recent home page.)

Performance at the Peacock Lounge

Come see Eddie Lounge and I (aka "Yoosh Keys" on stage) at the Peacock Lounge in San Francisco on 25th February 2000 (Friday) for an evening of "Music with a Twist and an Olive". We will be joined by special guest, the sultry songstress Molly Martini.

Check out our flier!

Mug Shot

I don't have any recent photograph to show, but here is a picture of mine that was taken 10 years ago.

Okay, okay... the link doesn't work anymore. Here is a more recent photo.

Do You Have a Job for Moi?

My professional résumé (curriculum vitae) can be viewed by clicking here.

I have recently found my Dream Job®, and am not looking for another one right now. But, you know...

Present Abode

San Francisco (I have lived in nine cities and three countries so far in my life.)

Reading Interests

I love books, and enjoy browsing in bookstores. My reading interests include topics in Business, History, Science, Religion, Nutrition, Technology, Music, Theatre, etc.

Among the periodicals I read are:

  • Show Music (a quaterly magazine devoted to the musical theatre)
  • Gramophone (a monthly magazine focused on new classical music recordings)
  • Electronic Musician
  • MacWeek (look here for the latest news and gossips surrounding the Macintosh community)
  • Red Herring
  • The Globe and Mail (a national newspaper published in Canada)
  • The Wall Street Journal

    Besides reading, I also like writing. My articles (both English and Chinese) have been published in newspapers in Hong Kong, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, and the web.

    One article I have written:

  • The Art of Using Irrelevant Analogies... [Published in December 1997]
    "When Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates came to UCLA for a one-hour stop just over a year ago, I asked him ..."

    Pleasure Viewing

    I enjoy watching the following teevee programmes:

  • The Muppet Show
  • Great Performances
  • Hockey Night in Canada (Yes, I'm a proud Canuckian!)

    Musical Notes

    A music maker since childhood, I started playing the piano by ear when I was 5, before taking lessons at the age of 7. Since then, I have given public performances in concerts (début at age 11) and on television (age 15). I also have a passion for conducting, and was a concert band conductor (age 16). More recently, I have been composing and arranging for fun. I hope to become a recognised song composer some day. Anyone of you out there in the music industry?

    As for the kind of music I enjoy listening to... I am particularly fond of theatre music (Broadway/West End type). I also enjoy listening to classical music, especially music from the late Romantic period (Rachmaninov, Mahler, etc.). Jazz is something I like too, particularly traditional jazz piano. Oscar Peterson and Erroll Garner are two of my favourite jazz pianists. I listen to film music as well, such as scores by Jerry Goldsmith ("Omen", "Basic Instincts") and Hans Zimmer ("Crimson Tide")

    I am interested in exploring other genres of music.

    Profession and Affiliations

    I have been a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) and a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR),

    In my leisure, I have served as a volunteer business consultant for Junior Achievement (JA). JA is an international educational organisation which offers teenaged students the opportunity to acquire basic business knowledge. I was involved with JA for two years when I lived in Toronto, and again in Vancouver.

    Date and Place of Birth

    18 October, Hong Kong

    (Birthday presents are gladly welcomed any time of the year!)

    Friends on the Net

    Here are some of my friends with web pages on the net. Tell them I say hi!

  • Stephanie Alford, travel consultant
  • Rowan Fairgrove, Webweaver and Info-sourceress
  • Duncan Stickings, editor and publisher of Big Dreams

    You may send me an e-mail by clicking here and remove the two fishes from the e-mail address before sending.

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