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1984 Subaru GL Turbo Coup, 10/16/2004 - 5/28/2006
84 T-coup
Here are pictures of the once mine, 1984 Subaru GL Turbo Coup. It has a 3spd Automatic transmission. This car was running when I bought it, but shortly there after the engine basically took a dump. I replaced the moter, did alot of work on it, and eventually gave up. I never got any posts updated on this so I'll try my best to remember picture dates. I've put mini discriptions next to each image, Images are in random order. I didn't spend the time yet ordering them in a timeline yet.

These pictures are from November and December of 2004.
thumbnaila fuel injector
thumbnailClean oil pump.
thumbnailClean oil pump area.
thumbnailOil pump put back together and on the engine.

Pictures from Janurary-March of 2006.
thumbnailFuel rails installed on new engine.
thumbnailblown head gasket on old engine.
thumbnailCracked head.
thumbnailThe other crack in the head.
thumbnailI love hydrolic lifter engines.
thumbnailclean intake installed on a clean engine.
thumbnaila dirty intake with a redneck vacume line.
thumbnailMissing a freeze plug?
thumbnailNew engine, before it was cleaned.
thumbnailRight side head, after engine was cleaned.
thumbnailmmmm shiny clean long block.
thumbnailChunks of metal stuck in old oil pan from old engine.
thumbnailOld engine, without heads or oil pan.
thumbnailThe T-coup as it sat on 1/25/2006.
thumbnailWater pump hole.
thumbnailThe water pump, all cleaned up.
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