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A picture of myself Hi! My name is Carl, welcome to my webpage. It's been in the making for a very long time, in relationship to how long the world wide web has been around. This page mostly contains stuff I do, or like, hobbies basically. I do a lot of web design and lately I've been playing with css and tables. I'm also a big shutterbug. I have a photo gallery set up on here as well. Anyway take a look around, use the links on the left to explore my page. I will have more stuff updated and put together in time. I welcome any comments, and suggestions, at the bottom is my contact information. Enjoy your stay and I hope to hear from ya.
Last 3 updates, Updated: 10/27/2010@8:31pm PDT
This page was born on 12/30/1996. This page has been reborn on 8/23/2003.
10/27/2010: Been far too long. Updated and fixed broken links in the weather station, also weather station is now on it's own domain name. more to come!
11/15/2009: Corrected "About Me" for where I live, I recenently moved. Also fixed the photo gallery.
11/09/2009: Fixed and updated the weather links.
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Here is my work schedule. This is a restricted link. Please feel free to email me if you'd like access to this link.