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1986 Subaru XT Turbo, 09/05/2003 - Present
Here is my photo archive for my 1986 Subaru GL XT Turbo Coup. I think these are one of the coolest vehicles that Subaru ever made. This particular car was in the process of being fully restored. It doesn't have much work left to do on it. The paint is in really good shape, it's flaked off on the front bumper, wich is normal for these cars. Has a dent in the back left corner panel. It has a newer engine, and needs a transmission eventually. The car has a turbo charged ea82 1.8L engine, with a 5spd push button 4wd transmission. It also has the Digital instrument cluster and fully working trip computer. I'll be posting more pictures as I do various things on this car. Check back for updates!
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