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Pictures 9/4/2003, before any work was started.
This is the 1984 Subaru GL Brat. It's has a 4spd D/R 4wd Manual Tranny. One of the great things about this car, is it still has it's jump seats in the bed, still welded down, many people tore the seats out for space, or made them detachible. Well at anyrate, it's very rare to find one of these with the jump seats still intact. So I'm restoring the car, and I'm going to use it as a daily driver/a little offroad fun maybe. It needs alot of cleaning inside and out, and I have to rebuild the engine. The previous owner ran it without oil :( so the engine makes horrible knocking sounds. Anyway heres all the pictures of it before we started tearing it apart for rebuild.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.
thumbnailThe car getting ready to be towed home.
thumbnailDamage on the front driver's side fender.
thumbnailThe hood and front end hit something pretty hard, the damage looks pretty bad, but fixable.
thumbnailInside the brat.
thumbnailA look at the dash. Note all the brown gunk coating the dash.
thumbnailRear driver side tire, before it got replaced to tow.
thumbnailThe tailgate, these always seem to be munched, it contains the only rust on the entire car.
thumbnailThe bed of the brat, has the orginal jump seats with seatbelts still welded in place.
thumbnailRope towed home, made it in one piece.
thumbnailMe being proud inside my new (but old) Brat.
thumbnailYet another shot, Austin decided I just had to do this pose.
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