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Progress: 01/28/2004
Well it's been a while sense my last update here, Did alot to it in the past week from this date. My friend Jeremy helped me do a little body streightening, we tied a cable to the front frame, and I put the car in reverse and pulled until the front end came streight again. We also took a 20 pound sledge hammer and a 2x4 chunk of wood to the bumper mount and pounded that sucker streight. So I got the bumper mounted, and the whole front end put together, it looks like a car finally!

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo.
thumbnailThe back of the intake manofold, I had fun tracing vacume leaks here.
thumbnailThe bed, notice the lack of rust holes?
thumbnailThe new radio and cb center face, looks nice eh? Made from a chunk of solid Oak.
thumbnail This is the driver's side of the car, it looks like a car now.
thumbnailThe front end, after being pulled streight, and having the bumper mount pounded streight.
thumbnailThe car from the front, all assembled.
thumbnailThe section of frame we pulled out.
thumbnailThe front bumper mount.
thumbnailLook at this, 2 Brats in one! j/k, it's my friend Jeremy, who helped me fix the body problems.
thumbnailThe passenger side view.
thumbnailA closer shot of the bumper mount that gave me trouble.
thumbnailFender removed to access the bumper mount for streightening.
thumbnailThe tailgate. A bit mangled, I hope to get a replacement soon thats in much better shape.
thumbnailThe Jump seats, Stock believe it or not, they even have seat belts, and are technically street legal. Insurance doesn't like it though, so I'm not suposed to give to many rides with them.
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