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Progress 09/05/2003
So far, I pulled out the torn seats and vacumed the insides out. Descoverd the front carpet is pretty much dead. There was brown stuff all over the inside, can't even see out the back, but later cleaned it up. Started up the moter, it ran, but with alot of noise. So we pulled the engine out, pulled off the mangled front bumper, and grill/lights. Looks like we need to do some radiator frame streightening to the front end. So far thats it. Took the canopy off too and cleaned out the bed.

Click on a thumnail to see a larger image.
thumbnailFront end of the brat, has been ripped apart, because it recieved some sort of hard hit to the hood, and framing, whole front end in the middle is bent inward.
thumbnailThe engine sounded like it was about to expload, but it did start and run. We pulled it out for a rebuild.
thumbnailYep, gotta see if I have my tunes working or not, go figure, they don't.
thumbnailThe previous owner smoked ALOT. I'm cleaning off all of the brown gunk inside the car. The back window was so dirty with the smoke stains, I couldn't even see through it!
thumbnailI had just gotten one side of the back window cleaned off, so Austin decided to get a shot of my face through the window to demostrate that once again, it was transparent.
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