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Progress 09/06/2003
Went to pull apart, got a new front bumper, grill, front headlight bezels, seats and carpet. The seats and carpet were tan, but they're almost in brand new condition, the drivers seat only has one small rip in the vinal. Carpet and seats are very clean too. I also grabbed a tan center councle so it would match the seats and carpet. I spent most of the time cleaning the insides. and pulling apart the engine. Dave and I got the engine block completely in two to look at the damage. First off, it was difinataly a bad indication when we pulled the oil pan off to see metal shavings everyware. When we got the whole block apart, we found that the cam shaft bearings were gone. and one of the crank shaft bearings were also gone. Crank shaft and cam shaft are both ruined. Pistons are still intact, along with the block it's self... (we think) for all I know the block probably has a crack. I'm looking at taking some 1600cc pistons however and throwing them into an 1800 block so the engine has more compression. Aparently the 1600's and 1800's have the same bore, but a much diffrent stroke. And the 1600 pistons are shorter, so it'd increase the compression. Anyway I've got the pics up below, take a look.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.
thumbnailAt Pull Apart, getting the front bumper off of this poor brown hatch.
thumbnailGetting the headlamp bezels.
thumbnailThe seats just freshly pulled out of the hatch.
thumbnailI'm installing the new carpet from Pull Apart.
thumbnailNew carpet installed.
thumbnailInstalling the councle, realising the radio piece has to go in before the rest.
thumbnailFinished the insides with the new seats and carpet.
thumbnailThe Engine block split in two.
thumbnailTwo of the Pistons from the engine.
thumbnailAnother angle of the pistons.
thumbnailOne of the heads, and behind it are a row of engine intake manofolds. All currently stored on Dave's desk.
thumbnailOne half of the engine block.
thumbnailMost of the engine parts lined up on a table, some are soaking in superclean.
thumbnailI'm holding the cam shaft on the left and the crank shaft on the right.
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