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Digital Photography
So, I'm finally getting back into my photography hobby. I got a digital camera as a birthday present and I finally spent some real time expiermenting with it, after seeing what my friend was doing with his and a photo-printer. So I decided I'm going to start posting all my new, much more improved... photos Up here. It's gonna be fun. Here is my new photo section, So that all my new "professional" stuff is in one section, and the older stuff, back in the day, when I was a beginner. Though, I almost said back in the day, when I was still learning, but thats not true, because I'm learning new tricks every day with photography and expirementation with F-stops and shutter speeds, and film speeds... It's alot of fun, So, Here you will find all of my possible sucessful and failed expirments. Hope ya all enjoy it now! Below are links to my collection of new photos, Organised by location or event.

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park
Kerry Park in Seattle on Queen Ann Hill
Gas Works Park in Seattle
West Seattle's various view points
Picnic Point County Park
Snow on 1-9-2005 in Seattle
Denny Creek, Franklin Falls
Exit 38 off I-90, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
A couple pictures of Mt. Si
I-5 overpass in Seattle