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Anthony Lawlor, M. Arch.

Architecture & Psyche

Experiencing Archetypes, Alchemy and the Collective Unconscious in Everyday Places

Lecture: Friday, May 9, 2014, 7 to 9 p.m.
Good Shepherd Center, Room 202, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. North, Seattle  98103 (driving directions)

$15 members, $25 nonmembers

Through a richly illustrated presentation and experiential exercises, this lecture and workshop will relate how the design of homes and public spaces provides tangible encounters with archetypes, alchemical processes and the collective unconscious. Participants will learn ways of seeing doorways, pathways, places of arrival and other common architectural elements as a symbolic landscape for individuation.

The process of extracting, manufacturing and finishing metallic ores, timber and other raw materials will be related to the alchemical processes of transmuting prima materia into the Lapis Philosophorum, the Philosopher’s Stone, of experience to create alchemical vessels, Vas Hermeticum, within which the
operations of psyche can be revealed. How the designs of public plazas, government institutions, commercial settings, industrial districts, residential neighborhoods and other areas within a city embody the codes and beliefs of the collective unconscious and support the cultural rituals of its mythology will be shown. Participants will come away with knowledge and methods for experiencing the architecture they inhabit each day as vibrant and significant places to unfold consciousness and imagination.

Experiencing Archetypes, Alchemy and the Collective Unconscious in Everyday Places

Workshop: Saturday, May 10, 2014, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Good Shepherd Center, Room 202, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. North, Seattle  98103

$50 members, $70 nonmembers

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In the workshop we will practice alchemical divinations – methods of structured intuitive inquiry, using
yogic light-fire methods for a mildly expanded state of consciousness. We work in the spirit of the Roman
deity Janus, god of doorways, passages and transitions, whose two faces look in a balanced way into the
past and the future, re-membering significant aspects of our history and en-visioning probable and possible
futures in creativity and spiritual growth.

Learning Objectives:
1. Provide examples and methods for experiencing how the psyche’s patterns of inhabiting the world shape
2. Provide examples and methods for experiencing how transforming raw materials into architecture reflects
alchemical processes.
3. Provide examples and methods for experiencing the ways cities reveal blueprints of the collective unconsciousness.

Anthony Lawlor is an architect and author focusing on the dynamics of architecture and psyche. His books A Home for
the Soul
, The Temple in the House and 24 Patterns of Wisdom explore how design serves as an ally in deepening conscious experience. During thirty years of architectural practice his designs have received numerous awards. Anthony’s work has been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” National Public Radio and numerous other national media.

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