Synopsis of an explorer.

Eclectic is the keyword for the life of David. After parting from his parents, David pursued a varied path of education and exploration of the Arts and Sciences. Ballet, Explosives, Massage, Electronics, Transportation, Ecology, Computers, Engineering.

David has harvested cucumbers on land, and under sea. He has blown up some of the largest living things on the face of the earth. He has been an Altar Boy, a Boy Scout, and a Senate Page, as well as a political writer, commercial diver, poet and Spiderman.

An adolescent dream-come-true, being Spiderman began with visions of dazzling spider-stunts, and ended as a guy wandering around a mall scaring the hell out of little kids. It was a shopping center opening. How sad it is to realize that even if you DO have the costume and the lines, you DON'T have the super powers or the web-shooters!
Then there was the learning contract in the desert. 
Thanks to Evergreen State College, I was able to 
explore the world for awhile as Jack London and 
Ernest Hemmingway did, on a much smaller scale. 
It was a truly liberating experience physically, 
mentally, emotionally, spiritually.. all those "ally's".  
And it was HOT!  I had to give up any ideas of 
walking around in the desert during the day and 
spent the time in my tent reading and writing, only 
to come out in the late afternoon or early morning. 
All of those stories you've heard, comparing the 
desert to the inside of an oven: they're true! But so 
are the stories of the desert's fragile beauty.



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