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Just a place to keep nifty html doodads as I find them.

In the coming soon department:

Random images currently. (CAUTION: this area has lots of graphics, and getting bigger all the time.) but soon I'll have photos showing some of the goofy consequences of a lot of small towns growing together at the edges to become Seattle. Strange streets caused by arterials being laid over existing streets, roads to seemingly nowhere, mystery intersections and the wide world of traffic circles.

36 Bux an Hour! (in your spare time, tax free)(Not yet a link)

When people ask for investment advice, usually the result is a lot of guidance that makes sense for people who already HAVE money, but for people trying to get a start at a savings and investment plan-which is most of the United States-advice like "keep six month's pay hanging around in cash for emergencies, and put 20 % of your active portfolio in Gold for security in downtimes, and 40% in aggressive growth stocks" is useless.

Most people just can't get STARTED saving and investing. This book shows you how to get started.

Still under construction, 36 Bux an Hour! is intended for people who DON'T already have money. Practical advice that will show anyone how to begin making 36 dollars an hour tax free in their spare time. No phony promises of 'thousands of dollars a month overnight' but real, practical advice, designed for people who just want to get started. After you have applied the lessons of 36 Bux an hour, you'll be ready for the lessons of the big time investment advisors.

A lifetime of learning, and all I have to show for it is this crummy webpage!

If it's a French translation you're craving, we have you covered.


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