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Created Ponds

Under construction

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Water adds a lushness to this bamboo forest entry. It is flanked by lilies, irises, and azaleas to give a long season of color and changing reflections.

The pond is hand-dug, and in 2006, filling naturally with rainwater and groundwater. In 2006 (its first year), it remained full until mid-June, and then dried out in about a week of hot weather.

It will soon get a gravel bottom and become a dry, simulated waterway for the summer

In time, I will replace the boards with a Japanese bridge.

A mound of twenty kiusianum azaleas simulates how this species grows in Japanese gardens and in the mountains of Japan. The small pond and large rocks suggest the water that often accompanies these plants. Drains under paths throughout the garden empty into a small created creek, which empties into the pond. It usually remains full from October to June. The gravel bottom simulates water when it is dry.