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Using Flooding in Landscaping

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Flooding can be a disaster, but in a controlled setting can be quite interesting. It is the ultimate in seasonal water, occurring unpredictably and for very short periods of time. If the flood is not damaging, it can be an enjoyable experience involving many of the senses.

Our paths and lawns are lower than the beds, so during heavy winter downpours, they are sometimes underwater, while the rhododendrons, which need good drainage, escape the flood.

When the waters rise, we love to walk the paths and lawn in barn boots and slosh in the magical substance that makes all this green life possible.

Our lawns don't mind their ocassional drowning. Maybe this is the reason we don't ever need to water them.

Here, the grass becomes a reflecting pool for a few hours. Along with the paths, the lawns are navigable in boots. We savor the experience, since it happens only two or three times a year.