Native Woods Bench 2

Native Woods Bench 1

This bench sits on a five-foot high hill created from several neighbors' unwanted dirt. It is built from Port Orford cedar poles, 5/4 red cedar ladder and seat back, and 2x12 douglas fir seat.

The main support of the bench is a tripod. The two cantilevered seat supports also provide forward/ backward rigidity, while the seat and back add sideways stability.

When the weather dries, I will pressure wash the wood and stain it to match the swing, which has similar construction principles.

The curve of the back continues below the seat as a ladder, which also serves as a footrest. I opted for no arms to keep the design simple, like the deodara cedar bench in an adjoining bed.

Compare this with our other ladder bench, made from rhododendron wood, and with the two other benches made from this same tree (catapult and split triple top benches.)

Native ground covers should green up the hill in a year or two. I have already planted two vine maples, two madronas, three yew trees, and a dogwood on its flanks.