Mud Mountain Rim Trail

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I explored the Mud Mountain Rim Trail on my mountain bike to determine whether or not it would be rideable on a trike. Near the entry, it looked very trike friendly.

However, the trail soon turned into a single track, with large roots and tight spaces between large trees.

Dense forest goes right up to the edge of the high bluffs above the White River.


Erosion gradually eats away at the bluffs, toppling the trees on the edge and forcing the trail back.

The old forest at the top is primarily conifer, while the younger one below on the flats is deciduous.

A restroom suprisingly appears where the trail intersects with a service road used by equestrians.

This road is also the trail for part of its length, and provides access to the river. It is a very steep descent.

When Mud Mountain Dam was completed by the Army Corps of Engineeers in 1948, it was the largest earth and rock dam in the world. It is unusual in that it has no lake behind it--most of the time. During times of predicted flooding, water is allowed to accumulate behind it, but then released hours or days later when the danger has passed. Since its completion, the dam has saved hundreds of million dollars in agricultural and property losses.

For information about the river history prior to 1948, see the Stuck (White) River Trail.

The long climb up to the top of the bluff awaits.