Quadraped Reburbished

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This picture was taken before new paint and other updates.

The Quadraped has hand cranks as well as foot cranks. It designed to provide upper body development in a cycling experience. The proportion of effort between the arms and legs is up to the rider.

Besides the upper body workout, the use of four limbs for power provides an extra boost in both acceleration and climbing.

The cranks can be repositioned so they are aligned rather than alternating for even greater upper body training. This is the more typical arrangement for handcycles.

The handcranks can also be removed for foot-powered triking. When this is done, brake levers and shifters can be mounted on the tiller.

The Quadraped has a dual chainring in front, but it operates as a single, since the second one connects with a separate chain to the hand cranks. Gearing is provided by an Ultegra short throw derailleur in the center of the trike and a Deore derailleur by the rear wheel. The front derailleur has five cogs, a spacer, and an additional cog to drive the second chain. The rear derailleur has six cogs. The rear wheel also has a freewheel on the left side if someone wanted to add a power assist.

Both shifters are mounted on a bar on the right side of the rider. A single brake lever on the left side operates both Sturmey=Archer drum brakes.

Since the riders hands are occupied with pedaling, steering is accomplished with a tiller. The column supporting the four cranks pivots, and is connected to the tie rod and a steering damper.

More information is available on the original Quadraped page, showing the trike before painting and other updates. The Quadraped prepares to go to its new home, replaced by a cat.