Thomas, Jack, and Jordan

* Trike Only Trail Intro * On the Edge Trail * Visitors on the Bent Trails * Thomas, Jack, and Jordan *

* Trike Only Bridge * Tunnels, Holes, and Labyrinths * Magic Carpet Ride *

* Introduction * Wheels in the Garden * Wheels Outside the Garden * Garden Trails *


Thomas begins on the lawn for a leisurely wandering around the grass paths, 
while Jordan experiments with a camera.

He then leads the way as everybody heads out onto the gravel trails.

Thomas is riding his Cattrike, Jack is on his TerraTrike, and Jordan's foot is pedaling a Tri-sled as he takes the picture.

Thomas rounds a curve before heading out into the open.

Here you can see the modifications Thomas made to his Road, Roa: light frame, cane holder, mirrors, and pannier racks. Quite an impressive collection.

On the Roa d again. I jus got to get back on the Roa d again.

But now it's time to slip in to the interior trails, where leaves reach out for you as if they were carnivorous plants. Jordan follows Thomas with his tike and camera.

Jordan tracks Jack as he slaloms through the rhododendron trunks.

The interior trails turn out to be a maze that intersects both the gravel and bent only trails.

Jack enters the bents only trail, unaware that head protection in the jungle is not just for crashes.

He navigates through a plant tunnel along a fir log,


Where's Waldo?

I mean, Jordan.

and slides under the three-foot ceiling of the bent trail.

He emerges unscathed, his head is perfectly sized for the trail.

Meanwhile, Thomas, camera ready, leads an expedition through the bamboo, following up on rumors of a Sasquatch in the environs.

And then they had a brief sighting. Thomas did get a picture.

This was not his only picture, though. Thomas has a passion for photography as well as for triking. Here he leaves ROA to document some lilies.

With plenty of energy left, he decided not to take a break and sit in the chair. Canes are not long enough for pole vaulting anyway.

He observes some of the fine details other people miss.

But what all four of us didn't miss was that we had a great day together.

Thanks, Jack, for making this day possible; Thomas for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and insights with us; and Jordan for joining us and showing us your new-found gift of photography.