Interior Garden Trails

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As the name implies, interior trails weave around within the rhododendron beds. They go close to or under the plants. Many are moss covered, for a soft, quiet ride, making it possible to fall asleep while riding in a recumbent.

Below, Doreen is in the same spot, in the opposite direction and season.

These trails take you past numerous places where you can recline without pedaling.

There are sixty-five chairs and benches in the garden, most made from either rhododendron wood or storn-downed trees.

Jordan tours between rhododendrons and azaleas. (Of course, an azalea is actually a kind of rhododendron.)

One thing I discovered about recumbents on the garden trails is that I can ride or sit while Doreen works.

Interior trails take you close to one of the ponds. I have not fallen in yet.

Interior trails intersect at many places with the gravel paths, so you can continually cange your route and shift your perspective.

Back among the higher bushes

With so much to look at, I'm not sure why I'm gazing at my feet.

I emerge through a large Beauty of Littleworth from an interior trail onto the main gravel paths.