Exterior Gravel Trails

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A major gravel loop and two side loops provided a framework for the original garden plan, drawn by my father in 1961. Other gravel paths now take you through several specialty and pocket gardens, such as a native bamboo forest, herb garden, azalea orchard, shade garden, and native garden.

Jordan begins the main loop.

Since the gravel paths separate the beds, they are the best places to see a variety of color in blooming season.

Jordan rides under one of several arches,

and out into the open.

Here he passes the azalea orchard, a totally deciduous bed with exbury azaleas and fruit trees.

A friend takes a slow ride through an Asian pocket garden. A Tibetan blue poppy blooms in the foreground.

Japanese evergreen azaleas form a border for many of the rhododendron beds.

The openness of the gravel paths is in sharp contrast to the interior trails under the large rhododendrons.

Doreen passes the intersection of a gravel path and an interior trail.

There are many large trees to provide open shade and visual contrast in the garden.

The width of the gravel paths constantly changes, so sometimes it is possible to be sociable, sometimes not.