The Forest Trails on top of Mount Peak

(Pinnacle Peak, a.k.a. Mt. Peak, Mt. Pete)

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The no-vehicle gravel road climbs about 2/3rds of the way up Mount Peak, Enumclaw's baby volcano. The final 100 feet of trail are a foot scramble over large rocks to the foundation of the old fire tower. This short portion is impossible for trikes. In the picture, it is the light green strip leading to the summit.

At the edge of the landing at its terminum, a trail enters the forest and continues to climb all the way around the upper levels of the mountain toward the summit.

There are several branch trails for exploration.

The trail is almost level in a few places,

but most are steep to very steep.

The route takes you along the edge of major dropoffs,

with views of the plateau from all 360 degrees of the trail.

A 100 foot side trail takes you (on foot) to the summit. The wider trail lets you ride all the way around the mountain just below top.

The six-sided basalt shows the crystalline structure of the cooling lava.

The foundations of the old fire tower now support benches for a well deserved rest.

The route open to cycles intersects with the hikers-only Carl Magnasun trail, with a trailhead on the opposite side of Mt. Peak.

This is one of the reasons the trail on the north side is closed to cycles.

A cable gives hikers something to hand onto where the trail is disappearing.


And now for a ride: