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Construction Sample of the Stone House

Here Bob uses a crowbar to align one of the first rocks. As the walls grew, he carried all the rocks up ladders and scaffolds. He dug up all the rocks in the house from the grounds as he planted the rhododendrons.

To haul the rocks to the construction site, Bob dragged them on a stone boat, or sled, made of heavy timbers. I can still remember him struggling with a hand crank to start the cantankerous dozer.

He placed an early order for the truck and received one of the first off the assembly line after World War II.

Bob built the first section of the house over a basement. The small room at right contained a coal room and furnace. I used the other rooms for a variety of building projects, including a kayak, a pram, and a lawnmower engine car.

Bob's use of masonry was strongly influenced by his bicycle trip around the gardens and estates of Europe in 1934.