Herb Garden Bench #1

This bench was designed to emerge from the ground in the herb garden. The main supports, slanted 4x4s, rest on rocks in the front and are buried in the rear. The simple plan used only 3 boards, a 10- foot 2x12, a 10-foot 2x6, and an 8-foot fence post. (Detail below.)

(Bay tree in foreground, lovage behind)

I cut each one in half. The treated ends of the cut fence post went in the ground, while cut ends were beveled at 45 degrees. One 2x12 and one 2x6 piece formed the seat, and one 2x12 formed the back. I used the remaining 2x6 half to make the supports (see below.) I trimmed the seat and back into irregular ellipses, echoing those in herb garden bench 2.

I made both this bench and the herb garden swing from a workbench, built for my folks with the garage in 1962. This is my second workbench garden bench. The first one is more than 100 years old.