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Aa! Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess!)   TV/OVA/Movie
Be careful what you wish for! Keiichi was granted one wish by a Norse goddess, Belldandy, but called her "bluff" by wishing for a girlfriend exactly like her. The wish was granted, of course, but with some humorous and dramatic side effects.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains brief nudity in one episode
Akira   Movie
When motorcycle-gang-member Tetsuo gains uncontrollable psychic powers, the gang's leader, Kaneda, struggles to keep his friends alive before a legendary source of similar power, Akira, is awakened.
Rated R -- contains graphic violence, language, brief nudity
Armitage III  * Multiple OVA/Movie(s)
A hotshot police officer and her new partner go up against "Thirds", robots designed to appear human, and a line of assassins; but what is her own relationship to the thirds?
Rated 16+ -- contains violence, language, brief nudity
Blood: The Last Vampire   Movie
Saya, a young sword-wielding vampire slayer, goes undercover in a US military-base high school in Japan; great visuals and action in this all-digital effort, but with a short run-time (48 minutes).
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains graphic violence, language
Card Captor Sakura   TV/Movie
A ten year old girl finds a dusty old book in her father's basement and winds up releasing a horde of spirits based on elemental tarot-like cards. Now it's her job to collect them all again in this sugary-cute entry of the magical-girl genre.
Rated 7+ -- contains violence
City Hunter   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Ryu Saeba, a man for hire that will do any job for a pretty woman, regardless of how much trouble this earns from his female partner and her 10-ton mallet. Together thay are the legendary City Hunter.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence, brief nudity
Cowboy Bebop   TV/OVA/Movie (26 eps)
Two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, travel the planets in search of bounties, rewards, and clues to their own dark pasts. A few episodes went straight to video due to Japanese TV standards disallowing them.
Not Rated -- contains violence, language, brief nudity, brief drug use
Crusher Joe   OVA/Movie
When things go wrong, and you can't call in the Space Force and make your troubles public, it's time to call in the crushers, intergalactic troubleshooters; the best in the business is Joe and his team. Just don't double-cross them, because they'll solve that problem, too. . . .
Rated 12+ -- contains wartime violence, brief nudity
Dirty Pair   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Kei and Yuri, two scantily-clad secret agents, work on nabbing various criminals; but they usually leave a lot of destruction behind them. The original "babes with big bazookas" (and I do mean bazookas).
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence, brief nudity
Dragon Ball   Multiple TV/Movie(s)
Counting all incarnations (DB, DBZ, and DBGT), a 400+ episode slugfest of superheroes and supervillains battling it out for galactic supremacy.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
Final Fantasy   Multiple OVA/Movie/Game(s)
A long line of fantasy and science-fiction video games (ranging from the original Famicom/NES through the PlayStation2), and a recent theatrical movie, make for a continuing favorite. Aerith lives!
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
Galaxy Express 999   Multiple TV/Movie(s)
Young Tetsuro finds adventure and mystery aboard the intergalactic train 999 with the help of a beatiful companion, Maetel, that looks suspiciously like his mother.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
Ghost in the Shell   Movie
Two mechanically-augmented police officers race against a criminal from stealing humanity itself; but with such augmentations, just what is humanity?
Not Rated -- contains graphic violence, language, nudity
Grave of the Fireflies   Movie
Two youths attempt to survive during the WWII firebombing of Japan, in spite of shrinking rations and supplies. Award-winning animation about kids isn't necessarily for kids.
Not Rated -- contains wartime violence
Jin-Roh (The Wolf Brigade)   Movie
An officer in a militaristic-police brigade and a young woman from a resistance movement are hunted down by both sides in this anime "Red Riding Hood" allegory. (In theaters 6/2001)
Not Rated -- contains graphic violence, language
Kiki's Delivery Service   Movie
As a young witch, Kiki must find a town of her own to practice her skill; but she's only learned one -- flying on a broom -- and what can she do if she loses that?
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains material appropriate for all ages
Kimagure Orange Road   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
The ultimate romantic love triangle; two beatiful girls in love (one blatanly, one secretly) with one boy who can't decide which girl he loves, even with his latent psychic powers.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains brief nudity
Laputa: Castle in the Sky   Movie
Classic sweeping adventure about a young princess and a mine-working lad searching for a legendary flying castle; of course, they're not the only ones looking for it. Only available as an import currently (no announced domestic release).
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
Lupin the 3rd   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Lupin III, a master thief (with a James Bond style) spans a long series of videos, movies, and TV appearances (again, just like Bond); based on French novels, trademark problems surrounding the name may make them listed as "Rupin" or simply "The Wolf".
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
Maison Ikkoku   TV/Movie
Yusaku can't seem to pass those college entrance exams, and is ready to pack it up and leave Tokyo; that is until he meets his new apartment manager and falls in love immediately. Unfortunately for them both, the rest of the apartment tennants love to make their lives hell.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains romantic hijinks
Martian Successor Nadesico   TV/Movie
A sci-fi drama, a romatic comedy, a spoof of anime fandom, and a giant-robot show, all in one.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains wartime violence
Memories   Movie
Three shorts by Otomo Katsuhiro, with direction by Morimoto Koji, Okamura Tensai, and Otomo himself, offer a brief "Outer Limits" style strangeness; a classic that shows how CG (in "Magnetic Rose") were not as obvious eight years ago as they seem to be today.
Rated PG-13 -- contains violence
Metropolis   Movie
Loosely based on the silent film of the same name and the classic manga by Tezuka Osamu, a future society where humans and robots live together gets a wake-up call when a group of humans organize a revolt.
Rated PG-13 -- contains violence
Millennium Actress   Movie
A documentary director interviews a legendary actress, reliving her life through memories of her life and films; the documentary makers even participate in the reenactments of her memories.
Rated PG -- contains violence, mild language
Mimi wo Subaseba (Whisper of the Heart)   Movie
A school girl finds that every book she's loaned from the library has also been read by the same boy in her school; when she meets him and learns of his dreams for the future, her own are sparked into action as well.
Rated G? -- contains material suitable for all ages
Mobile Suit Gundam   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
The giant-robots-in-battle series that never ends; 1979-2003 and counting.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains wartime violence, brief nudity
Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)   Movie
A prince finds himself in a battle between men of industry, the gods of the forest, and a girl fighting against the humans for her own reasons.
Rated PG-13 -- contains violence
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind   Movie
A young princess must balance her love of life against an encroaching poisonous forest and the humans who want to destroy it. Forget the now-expired and disowned edit of years ago and stick to the unedited version; import-only at the moment.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
Neon Genesis Evangelion  * Multiple TV/Movie(s)
Shinji Ikari is called by his estranged father to pilot a huge robot against invading aliens; but what are his real reasons for piloting it?
Not Rated -- contains wartime violence, brief nudity
Patlabor Mobile Police   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Noah Izumi and her police cohorts save Tokyo from giant rogue robots with a set of their own giant robots in a realistic cops-and-robots series.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains mild violence
Perfect Blue   Movie
A young pop-music star, quits the stage for the lights and cameras of television and film, much to the chagrin of a fan stalking her.
Not Rated -- contains graphic violence, language, nudity
Porco Rosso (Kuronai no Buta)   Movie
In an age when propeller planes ruled the air in battle, a legendary bounty hunter with the face of a pig befriends a girl mechanic and races against the odds against air pirates.
Rated PG? -- contains violence
Project A-Ko   Multiple OVA/Movie(s)
One of the most famous high-school heroines in anime, in an action-packed spoof of nearly all genres. Eiko (A-ko) vs. Biiko (B-ko) for the freindship of Shiiko (C-ko).
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence, brief nudity
Ranma 1/2   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
In the Anything Goes martial arts school, one needs to be ready for literally anything. But when Ranma and his father trek off to China in search of the ultimate training ground, without the benefit of knowing how to read Chinese, they fall into magical springs. Meet Ranma, who turns into a girl when splashed with cold water, and his father, who turns into a giant panda. Hot water reverses the spell, but not for long. . . .
Rated 13+ -- contains mild violence, nudity
Revolutionary Girl Utena   TV/Movie
After meeting a price in her childhood, Utena had vowed to become a prince herself, to save damsels in distress, etc. Now in high school, she's found herself in the midst of a group trying to control a "Rose Bride", her friend.
Rated 13+ -- contains mild violence
Roujin Z   Movie
When a prototype bed, designed to cater to the needs of its patient, goes too far by accepting every need, including escape, a young nurse may be the only one able to save the patient.
Rated PG-13 -- contains mild violence
Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
A wandering ex-assassin, Kenshin Himura, vows never to kill again, but others just won't let the past fade so easily. TV is rated 13+; OVAs and Movie earn 17+ ratings by showing the assassin years.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains (TV) violence, (OVA/Movie) graphic violence
Sailor Moon   Multiple TV/Movie(s)
An oversleeping, overeating, crybaby junior-high student finds herself as a chosen warrior to fight against various monsters-of-the-week with the help of a few other girls (Sailors Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc.). One of the notorious "edited" shows for US TV; stick with the original Japanese unedited version.
Rated 15+ -- contains violence, sexual innuendo (in later series)
Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers)   Multiple TV/Movie(s)
The space-readied body of the famous WWII battleship and her young crew are Earth's last hope for survival; enemies become allies, and vice versa, in adventures across the universe.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains wartime violence
Space Pirate Captain Harlock   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Exuding "style" and "coolness" in a pirate cape, sailing the "Sea of Stars" under his own flag, Harlock and his ship, the Arcadia, fight against oppression of all sorts.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains wartime violence
Super Dimension Fortress Macross   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
The people of Earth fight against an invading alien race with the aid of technology from an alien fortress, Macross, that crashed on Earth years ago.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains wartime violence, brief nudity
Tenchi Muyo!  * Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Poor guy, Tenchi has six alien girls move in with him to help save the galaxy--at least when they're not fighting each other over his affection.
Not Rated -- contains violence, brief nudity
Tenshi no Tamago (Angel's Egg)   Movie
A young girl protecting a mysterious egg meets and befriends a boy bearing a cross, but is he really a friend? A surreal movie with only about 5 minutes of dialogue.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains material suitable for all ages, if a bit cerebral.
Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)   Movie
Two young girls move to the country with their father meet a magical creature in the neighboring forest. Truly a film for all ages.
Rated - -- contains material suitable for all ages.
Umi ga Kikoeru (I Can Hear the Sea)   Movie
When a school trip is cancelled and a new girl transfers into the school, romance is sure to be in the air. But what happens when two best friends both fall for the same nw girl?
Rated G? -- contains material suitable for all ages (?)
Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxius Aliens)  * Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Classic episodic comedy series about an unlucky womanizing high-schooler, his human girlfriend, his bikini-clad alien fiancÚ, and much jealousy and hijinks.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains mild violence, brief nudity
Vampire Hunter D   OVA/Movie
In the distant future, bounty hunters track down vampires and demons with a mix of old-school and sci-fi weapons; "D" has ties to both sides. The 2001 "Bloodlust" movie is recommended over the original 1985 OVA that simplified the character designs.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains graphic violence, brief nudity
The Vision of Escaflowne   TV/Movie
High-school athlete Hitomi is transported to another world where robots and dragons fight against power-mad foes; but how will she get back home, and does she really want to?
Rated 13+ -- contains violence
Voices of a Distant Star   Movie
A short (30 minutes), sad, digital theatrical anime about a pair of high-school friends separated by space and time when one goes off to war in space--where each "voice mail" takes years to travel.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains violence
The Wings of Honneamise   Movie
A nation's newly-formed space force struggles to reach the stars before an approaching war puts an end to their dreams.
Not Rated -- contains wartime violence, brief nudity
X   TV/Movie
Two childhood friends find themselves on opposite sides of fate in an apocalpytic fight for survival; the survival or destruction of themselves, of Tokyo, and perhaps of the Earth itself.
Rated 15+ -- contains graphic violence
You're Under Arrest   Multiple TV/OVA/Movie(s)
Two young traffic officers deal with lawbreakers and office tension in this action (but nearly non-violent) series of cute girls, bumbling men, and the vehicles they all can't do without.
Unknown/multiple rating(s) -- contains mild violence

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